Has Nicki Minaj's Brother's Wife Been Trying To Extort Her For $25 Million?

Nicki Minaj may have decided to be a star witness in her brother's rape case to fight back alleged extortion attempts.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like the alleged victim [and her family] in Nicki Minaj's brother's rape case just might be after Nicki Minaj's money!

In his opening statements, Jelani Maraj's lawyer, David Schwartz, told jurors that Maraj's alleged victim, her mother, and brother were so obsessed with Minaj to the point of them allegedly concocting a scheme to go public with the child rape allegations unless Nicki broke them off with $25 million!

According to Schwartz, the victim's mother told Nicki Minaj she could make the charges go away if she paid her $25 million.

Schwawtz even claims that the victim's mother was after Maraj for years in order to execute her plan of using her daughter to claim rape in order to extort Minaj and Maraj.

“It doesn’t get any lower to use your child to take money from another person and brainwash your child to lie,” said Schwartz.

What's even more disturbing is the possibility of the victim going along with the plot because she was afraid of being hurt by her mother, and excited about the possibility of them raking up millions!

According to Bossip, Schwartz characterized the victim's mother as an abusive alcoholic, who happened to clean out her and Maraj's joint bank account the day he was arrested.

It is Schwartz's belief that the mother allegedly tampered with the girl's pants where the defendant's DNA was said to be found.

While the defense is claiming that the whole story and claims are fabricated, the prosecution is clapping back and saying Maraj actually [allegedly] began to rape the victim when his relationship with her mother went downhill by her alleged excessive drinking and arguments.

According to the prosecution, the abuse started with simple kissing and then escalated to oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse.

The fact that Maraj was unemployed and home with the children doesn't help his case right now. The prosecution is trying to build on that.

Maraj has plead not guilty to all charges against him. He's even said that the young girl was having sex with other men, and not him.

Whether Maraj did the crime or not, the mother could mess up the case if she's really been trying to extort Maraj and Nicki!

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