Has T.I. Really Been In Lil Wayne's Corner Lately?



(AllHipHop Rumors) As T.I. recently called out his longtime friend Lil' Wayne publicly over his Black Lives Matter comments, fans have started to wonder has T.I. truly been in Wayne's corner lately anyway.

If you need to get a point across to a close friend or family member, most would argue that you should contact that person offline, but perhaps T.I. felt the issue was so big that the only way to get through to Lil' Wayne was to blast him publicly for his socially irresponsible comments.

The question on many fan's minds is: have Lil' Wayne and T.I. been distant friends or frenemies for a while?

Eyebrows were raised when T.I. sported a "Free Roscoe" hat in support of the man charged with shooting at Lil' Wayne's tour bus. T.I. maintains that he knows for a fact that Roscoe is innocent. Hmmmmm does this mean that he may know who really did in fact shoot at the bus then?

Fans also wondered how is Wayne and Tip's relationship holding up as T.I. has always rocked with Young Thug and his wave also. We all know how disrespectful Thugger once was towards Wayne.

Hmmmmm have Tip and Wayne spoken since Tip's post? Are they really friends right now?