Hell Rell's Attacker Speaks, Says Hell Rell Tried To Pay Them Off


One of the men that allegedly attacked Hell Rell is speaking on it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wow. These streets are really, really talking right now. It seems like one of the dudes that helped beat up Hell Rell in front of his family are now talking. Get to know Makk. Makk is talking and telling what happened with Rell getting beat up last week. Come to find out the fight actually occurred a while back and they didn't released the footage immediately. Now, they are saying that this was more of a one-on-one situation, not a jumping at all. Makk said he and the crew didn't care about beating Hell Rell in front of his grand mom and kids. They said its on sight! "He's a rapper," Makk says. I thought Ruger was the streets! I'm confused. Lastly, Makk accused Hell Rell of trying to pay $10,000 to make the video disappear.


Allegedly, this just the last in a series of events. Remember, they slumped Hell Rell a ways back, but he had his jewels on so it seemed fishy as to what really happened.