Hell Rell Says He And Cam’ron Aren’t Speaking!

Hell Rell opened up about his recent altercation in a new interview and also offered insight into another situation.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) 2018 hasn't been starting off the right way for Hell Rell.

The rapper has been involved in headlines surrounding his personal life for most of the year.

Recently Hell Rell was involved in a scuffle inside a Chinese restaurant. The altercation involved multiple men and Rell was a point of focus during the assault. The incident gained attention because of the way that the situation escalated.

A fight would ensue inside the restaurant while Hell Rell was there eating with his family. Hell Rell can be seen in the video sitting with his family before the attack started. It's also been said that the attack isn't the first between Rell and the men involved.

Hell Rell sat down with MReckTV for an interview recently to talk about the incident. During the interview, Rell would also go on to talk about Dipset and his relationship with Cam'ron. When asked about Cam'ron, Hell Rell said that he and Cam'ron are not currently on speaking terms.

He also said that he was high during the restaurant altercation and wasn't prepared for the assault. He said he was taken aback by the guys pulling out their cameras to record to assault. Rell also said he was in another guy's territory and his first thought was to protect his jewelry.

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first thought was to protect your jewelry, but not your family?