Here's Why Florida Rappers Aren't Winning According To Kodak Black!


According to Kodak Black, Florida rappers just may want to follow in the footsteps of Atlanta rappers in one regard.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kodak Black took to his Instagram to point out the difference between Florida rappers and Atlanta rappers.

"Duhh We All Green 🤢 When It Come To #Rapping #Snapping #Trapping #Jacking #Wacking 😒🙄 #EverybodyForself #FloridaWater #1ManArmy #WeAllKnowThat #CutThroat #DontNobody #OweNobody" he posted.

According to Kodak, Florida rappers can't win because they don't stick together, help each other out, and everyone is for themselves.

Black feels that more of the Atlanta rappers unite, make music together, and help other artists get further in their careers from the unity alone.

This is interesting, because I often hear this argument from other states as well. I hear rappers in other regions say all of the time that folks are so busy trying to outshine the other local rappers, that they are missing the point of how they can bond together and create a movement to blow out of their city instead of having to move to a city like Atlanta to get hot.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that more rappers could bring attention to their states/cities if they all link up?

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