Hidden Valley: Rick Ross & Fan Have Hilarious Exchange On Twitter


Someone take Rick Ross' phone!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Y'all know the biggest bawse, Rick Ross, has no chill!

He's one of the rappers that always has a little bit of time to go back and forth with fans for some pretty hilarious clap backs.

A fan laughed at a post about a couple allegedly having to kill their horse because Rick Ross allegedly broke the horse's back!

Rozay replied to the fan saying,

"May've been true if I had your big ass up there."

He added,

"Your titties almost long as my money tho."

The fan tried to humble Ross by saying,

"You wasn't [saying] all that when you poured ranch down my cleavage and dipped a lemon pepper wing in between and called me Hidden Valley."

"Ricky your tittys bigger than mine. You can fit the bras in Lane Bryant just like I can," said @DamnAarielle.

Rozay replied with,

"@DamnAarielle You woulda needed that Lane Bryant trip."

I don't know what's funnier between the Hidden Valley, or the horse. Carry on.


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