Hilarious! Fans Think Jim Jones' Son Looks Like Cam'ron!

Trolling is an art form! Cam's fans are being reckless in Jim's comments!

(AllHipHop Rumors) As if the brotherly beef between Jim Jones and Cam'ron wasn't enough already, now fans believe that Jim Jones' son is really Cam'ron's child after Jones posted a photo on Instagram of him and his son.

I can't lie, after scrolling down the timeline and seeing the photo, I thought it was Cam or a child of Cam'ron's at first.

As you could imagine, fans on social media have been trolling Jim Jones underneath the post!

The vast majority of fans were clowning as they told Jim that he needed to get a paternity test because they believe that his baby mama and Cam did him dirty.

The comments are wild out of pocket underneath the post. LOL.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the child looks like Jim of Cam?

Someone call Maury!

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lmao he does

Ray Charles and Stevie wonder can see that this is cam's boy.

Wholy Shit!!!!!

That's lil Killa Jr

hah.....sleepy Jimmy she told you HE was YOUR child............LOL!