Hilarious! Michael Blackson Says The Dark Skin Delegation Is Trading Tyrese For Drake!


Tyrese is no longer wanted by the dark skin delegation. In fact, they've traded him for Drake & Steph Curry.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Just about everyone is tired of Tyrese's antics and rants on social media, or they are just really concerned about his mental health.

Tyrese was already doing the most on social media before he helped spill his child custody battle into the public eye, but now he's been on social media harassing The Rock and crying out about allegedly going broke, and not being able to see his daughter.

Tyrese says that he hasn't seen his daughter in 2 months, and his ex-wife has accused him of beating his daughter so bad to the point where she couldn't even sit down.

Tyrese claims that his ex-wife is just bitter especially since he's gotten remarried, and his new wife is pregnant.

Comedian Michael Blackson always knows how to make light of a situation for the best comedic relief. Michael Blackson posted a video letting it be known that the Dark Skin Delegation would be trading Tyrese for his antics.

Blackson's video is even funnier because a lot of people felt that Tyrese's tears were fake especially since he's an actor.

"Ok Tyrese after watching your video about 10 times. Me and a few other dark skin neegas have decided to trade you. You are no longer considered dark skin. You did some really red bone sh-t yesterday. I spoke to Akon, Don Cheatem, Gucci Mane, and Wesley Snipes, and we are trading you for Drake and Steph Curry. Good luck with your court case," said Blackson.

Charlamagne Tha God even said that we won't let Tyrese go broke since he's reminded us all that he has a Benihana's and a Starbucks in his backyard. Charlamagne told Ty that he can open both to the public, but he better not put up a Go Fund Me page!



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