Hip-Hop Rumor: Is Yandy from Love & Hip Hop Preggers???!!!

Sources are telling us EXCLUSIVELY that Kimbella isn't the only Love & Hip Hop co-star that's pregnant. We hear the sassy and business minded Yandy Smith is also pregnant. Yandy isJim Jones' former manager and just joined the cast this season. She is reportedly pregnant by her long time boyfriend, the same boyfriend who handed Jim Jones a beat down in Harlem earlier this year for disrespecting his woman. I wonder if the pregnancy will be part of the story line next season and if we'll get to meet her boyfriend. Either way, congratulations to Yandy and her boo.

Just for laughs, below is a video of Jim Jones catching a fade in Harlem from Junior Mafia. Watch Jimmy run like he stole something, just shameful!! This video got me thinking, no wonder Jim keeps Chrissy around, she's his muscle!