Hip-Hop Rumor: Nas' Baby Mother Going After Jay-Z??!!!

Carmen Bryant, the woman who notoriously started the Jay-Z and Nas beef back in 2001, is back and talking reckless on Twitter. If you all remember, Carmen is the mother of Nas' daughter, Destiny, and legend says that she was creeping around with Jay-Z behind Nas' back. Nas found out, and he unleashed one of the best diss records ever, "Ether"! Jay-Z came back with "Super Ugly," which had so many low blows in it, he publicly apologized for it.


Anyway, Carmen has gotten herself a little Twitter account, and she's talking all kinds of craziness on there. Check out a few of her tweet below:

"Awe Camel wrote a letter to his daughter.....Why didn't he write one to his SON?"


Carmen even goes in on Alicia Keys, calling her a "homewrecker". Nas come get your baby mama...it looks like she's not done embarrassing you yet!