Hip-Hop Rumors:40 Glocc vs Young Money Part 3 Zillion! UK Denies Termanology!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


OK, I got some people hitting me up complaining about too many Jay-Z mentions. Well, tell me something that you want to see on the page! I can't help it if Jay-Z appears on the rumors page a lot! I just write what I hear going on and apparently a lot of other people don't have a lot going on! Oh, what does Jay-Z have to do with this? Nothing, but underground rappers have some things of note. For example, I was told that rapper Termanology was slated to go to the UK for a tour and all of a sudden, he was denied entry at the border or something.


Uh oh....I am hearing something may be brewing and I hope it is not brewing. Let me see if I can get this right...I mean, wrong. No, serious...this is what I am getting. Apparently, some people in Young Money are not "scared" of 40 Glocc and his chin-checking ways. What I mean is, that lil' incident where Lil Wayne didn't get out of the SUV is making them look bad to this day. So, I heard Short Dawg is not on Young Money. Not Too Short. Short Dawg, the dude that was signed to Russell Simmons post-Def Jam label. So, I heard that Short Dawg has been taking some shots at 40 Glocc and others he's down with. He's not pleased with the "publicity" that they have been getting at the expense of Lil Wayne. Was Baby in that SUV too? I was never clear on that, but people were telling me he was. AnyWAY...what is that point in all of this? I don't know, but let me continue anyway. This seems to boil down to a chain and about $7,000, which was stolen from somebody named T-Streets who is down with Lil Wayne. From what I understand he was robbed at a video for Lil Twist and Lil Chuckee. People are saying that somebody down with 40 Glocc took the chain. And guess what? They are all going to be down at SXSW in Austin next week. Pray for peace.


Check out what I saw on Vibe.com:

Sources tell VIBE that contrary to some reports, Lil Wayne’s attorney requested protective custody for the rapper. However, there is technically no such thing at Rikers. In order to accommodate Weezy, he will be housed in general population at the Eric M. Taylor Center alongside inmates with similar safety risks. He'll be shadowed with an escort wherever he goes. “If he leaves for a haircut, the law library or play in the yard he will be escorted by a captain with a panic button on his belt to call for back up if Wayne gets attacked,” says a Rikers Island insider.

Every hour, Wayne will have the option to roam the quarters with his escort in tow, or be securely locked in his cell. The corridor where he is housed is currently holding 18 other inmates with a day room with a TV on one end.


The dude Sammy "Scammy" Adams say that he really did indeed sell those 75k on iTunes. I never heard of dude until yesterday so I'm not writing about it any more.

I don't care, but I hope he is legit.

Ne-Yo has been sued for over $700k for missing a show in Trinidad.

Stacey Dash said that she had sex on the first night with all of her...three husbands. Uhmmm...she may want to wait a while next time, unless her next man is illseed.


OH MAN. I swear on everything, people are losing all sense of morality! Here is the latest in a series of SICK EVENTS. Paterson, NJ is on blast right now! A father and husband in Paterson stands accused of raping his five daughters and impregnating three of them in years of torture and domestic terrorism. YES...this is happening in our backyards, people! The man is 51 and is a crafty devil. After they were on his trail, he moved the entire family to avoid the authorities. This carried on for over a decade. He cut his family off from the outside world. The man now faces trial and everybody is trying to put him under a very big jail. His former wife said that he was trying to keep is daughters "pure" by having sex with them, keeping the bloodline in the family. OH-KAY. Oddly, his wife said the following according to the AP: "He said the world was going to end and it was just going to be him and his offspring and that he was chosen." So, he's got 6 kids from three of his daughters. Kids and grandkids at the same time. Sick. This dude is so sick, they aren't even telling HIS name, because it will taint his kids, grandkids and wife for the rest of their lives.


I thought this dude was the All-American boy, but he said a woman that accused him of beating her...actually..."fell." Roethlisberger go sit down somewhere until camp starts. You are in too much trouble. Peep the parody.


Jason Fox? I'm not sure I know who that is. Anyway, he's the dude of the moment that is dissing Soulja Boy.


Rhymefest records at New York's legendary Baseline Studios w/ super-producer Just Blaze.

Problems arise when Fest has unexplained troubles in the recording booth.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed

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