Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Changes Name? T-Pain Comes Back! Illy's Assistants!

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


What is the big deal about Obama talking to the kids about striving to be the best. Do they think he is going to be flashing subliminal messages like “Kill your grand parents” or something? If these kids can hear all this crap on TV and the radio, why not a positive lunchtime message? Now, I am not confused. I know there has been some controversy in the past over there, but never to this degree. I heard they are denying the speech in places with a Black student population as great as 80%.

By the way, I stand firm on the ground that LL Cool J released the first ALBUM by Def Jam Recordings. There was a rock group named Hose that may have precluded my boy T La Rock, but that was an obscure 7” record. Thanks and good day.


One of my readers hit me up with this interesting tidbit of rumor, but it seems like a fact.

The other day in the morning, Stephen was taking his son to school and also listening to sports talk radio. That wasn’t interesting so they turned the channel and got to a Top 40 station that was talking about Jay-Z. Lo and behold, they were talking to Jay-Z. The rapper was talking about what he’s done with people like Kanye. They seemed to ask him about other artists he’ll be bringing out and Jay shocked my homey. He said he was working with Jack White of the White Stripes. LOL. Jigga didn’t mention anything about J. Cole! Perhaps it was because he was on a mainstream station, he wasn’t thinking about it. Stephan thought it was a lost opportunity for Jay, especially since Jack is a pretty common dude in the mainstream. Jack White, eh? OK.


T-Pain alleged Jay-Z dissed him in the “D.O.A.” era and said “Good riddance.” Wow…That’s pretty interesting.


I just got word from a very credible source at Interscope who works apart form the A & R team, regarding Before I Self Destruct. The whole Dr. Dre situation regarding 50 Cent is that Fif is getting impatient at how quickly Eminem records were mixed and mastered and how Dre is taking his time with 50 cent's songs – I HEARD. But THERE IS NO BEEF…its just Dre being a perfectionist as usual.


Also, sources say 50 cent has finished recording a track with Jadakiss and Nas called "Eternal Ruler." Interesting title. Dr Dre also reportedly convinced Nas to squash beef with 50 Cent. Apparently, they are both included on Detox in some form or fashion. , whilst both were recording material for Detox.


My girl Baylee sent me this one: “Janet confirms in Harper Bazaar she is no longer with JD, not interested in marriage and how she doesn't indulge in the media since her brothers death.”

Baylee is another possible assistant, but I didn’t use most of her rumors.

Oh Baylee also told me that Wayne's tour surpassed 40 million in gross which is more than the Jay Z & MJB tour. Wayne is seriously killing the industry right now.

Rick Ross’ new album is going to be called Teflon Don with a movie to go with it.

Mary J. Blige may not be a go for the MJ dedication show.

"I have a big announcement to make. No one knows this ... I am going to be the new judge on 'American Idol.'" – Ellen Degeneres. (DOPE!)

Rick Ross is rumored to be engaged to his girlfriend.

Jay-Z should move about 300-350k. Not bad for the way that album was leaked. Wonder what Rae is expected to do.

Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, wasn’t talked about as much as his grandmother, but not for long. There is a movie about his mom on the way.


“50 Cent is a person I created, soon it will be time to destroy him and become somebody else.”

What the heck is 50 Cent talking about on Twitter? Kelvin “50 Cent” Martin is where the name came from, the now infamous BK stick-up kid. Anyway, I think 50 Cent is just going to act.


Billy Danz said something to the effect that G-Unit didn’t have any money over there for M.O.P. To that, Tony Yayo has responded.

"I seen something on a website where M.O.P. said G-Unit was going broke. I don't know what he was talking about, I still got two houses, I still got cars, as well as 50. I just feel like, when a n*gga give you an opportunity, you either gonna make it work or it's not gonna work. Either one. M.O.P, that was their first time being on MTV and BET. That was their first time really being on a major tour, Anger Management Tour which 50 spent like $8 mil on -- What about the money he spent on you, Laze, everybody that was in your entourage hotels, n*ggas stayed in the Ritz, burninig cigarettes on the dresser, burning pillows, starting fires, smoking sh*t out doing crazy sh*t when the bill comes back. He didn't complain about that -- when everything is happening, everybody's happy. But when sh*t is not happening for a n*gga, a n*gga's disgruntled."

What the hell..Trey Songz is buggin’ out! I’m not hardly an R. Kelly fan, but Trey has lost his marbles.

"At this point I feel like R Kelly knows if he was to step in that arena with me he couldn’t PLAY with me as far as lyrically, word play or metaphorically in that arena after the way I came on death of Kellz. Kellz is older. He’s an old man."


I don’t know why I act like these artists don’t read illseed! ½ Pint from Son of Bazerk (the hype lady) hit me up and let me know some things about the group. This is for the real heads on their 90’s rap and those interested.

I want to thank the shouts on Allhiphop.com Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the BAND! are back and working in the studio. keep ya ears open for some hot SH*T! to hold the real hip hop heads over til then we have some stuff from our unreleased 2nd album on youtube.com

Thank 4 the Love,

1/2pint from Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the BAND!


I want you guys to pick who the hell you like so that your insatiable need for rumors. I DID NOT edit the candidates just so you know. I basically cut and pasted as is.

Contestant No 1. is Virginia Girl TRH. I don’t know much about her, but she sent some decent rumors. I cut some out, but included the most current stuff.

Rumor 2: Jamie Foxx supporting Gold diggers he says if you look good you should have a man with money and not no broke down ass nigga. Thanks Jamie for supporting a sister and letting us know get at anybody with money for the $$$DOLLARS$$$. But what's wrong with this pic? Is that the chick Milan from BET's College Hill South beach? Milan must have got some of his dollars this particular day. Damn reality TV sure is a breakthrough for some folks. SMH they should let everybody do reality TV this day in age I should have my own show. (Courtesy AP)

Rumor 3: Your boy Pastor Mase is looking for a gig and been trying to get at PUFF to be PUT ON but Diddy like he ain't adding no one to the camp anytime soon. Damn Mase you need to be saying a prayer right now and keeping the faith that things are gonna work out. What happen to G-Unit? They booted you out their camp to? SMH (Courtesy AP)

R. Kelly. had his lil run in with the LAW and some people believe that was him vice versa in the video but the one thing we can't take away from this man is that his talent is so RAW and Amazing and for that reason I still get down with Kellz. He is an amazing singer and songwriter. His albums are CLASSICS and no one, not anyone can take that away from him. I am highly anticipating his album and can't wait to hear it.

Rumor 3: Chris Brown and Rhianna I am so tired of these episodes. The one thing that makes me so mad about this situation is that it takes two to fight. Why is everyone avoiding the fact that when a women hits a man first she is wrong too. I have to say that Chris deserves a little respect because instead of him bashing Rhi Rhi he is taking full fledge blame for what happen but come one I'm a woman I've been in these situations where i hit a man and did him like a dog and when he back fired i couldn't go crying to nobody because guess what I was wrong. This just goes to show that no matter how much $ you have and living a superstart life you can still suffer from THIN LOVE Syndrome called Jealousy. How is it that Rhi Rhi jealous of that old woman. SMH she need to get counseling to on something called self-esteem and confidence.

So what do you think of Virginia Girl TRH?

Contestant No. 2: marcuS Flair!

Theres a rumor of Joe Jackson starting a group with Micheal Jacksons 3 kids called the jackson 3!!! lawd have mercy, Micheal Jack must be flippen in his new grave about this, the last thing he wanted was joe around his kids and now rumors already have joe yanking off his pants holder upper demanding poor Paris and the Princes to dance a jig.

Finally a new rumor just knocked me upside my head like Pacman Jones away from his handlers was that The Dream just married Christina Milian`WITHOUT A PRE NUP. WHAT!!! Dream been on the charts like R. Kells in the`late 90s while Milan been`switchen boyfriends like we do our Als. Mabey The Dream hasnt heard about Nas paying Kellis 55k a month!!! We'll if this true The Dream is certainly in dreamland & his boyz should of told him a.a.a.a.

So what do you think of marcuS Flair? (I don’t know why he does his name like that.)

Contestant No. 3: Jill Jamison

1. Jermaine Jackson is so desperate to get Chris Brown to perform at the Michael Jackson tribute, that he is willing to pay him $50,000.

2. Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland are begging Beyonce to have a Destiny Child's reunion, because both of them are broke and looking for work. Beyonce wants to consider it, but Matthew and Jay-Z are advising her against it.

3. Kim Zolciak's sugar daddy, Big Poppa lives in a house on West Paces Ferry in Atlanta. It is a mile away from a local Whole Foods on the same street, and diagonally across from the Governor's mansion.

4. Jay-Z's music videos and Rocawear clothing line often showcase, and promote demonic symbols, and have secret society undertones to them.

5. Steve Harvey or someone related to him are shooting a new reality show to shop around to different TV networks.

So what do you think of Jill Jamison?

Contestant No. 4: Chance



it looks like J. Lo is planning a comeback. She was just in NY

shooting her new movie The Backup Plan and looking good if I may say so

myself (see below). And now shes gearing up to shoot a video with

Pitbull this Saturday. The casting notice calls for a good looking

25-35 year old who doesn’t mind doing a "heavy kissing scene with lead

female". Five-hundred bucks to make-out with Jennifer Lopez??? There

are worse gigs.


I thought it was hillarious that Jay sounded disgusted when Ciph

and Rosenberg asked him if he ever went back to Marcy … “….ummmm I dnt

live there anymore”. Apparently Willamsburg is his new stomping

grounds. This guy claims to have run into Jigga man and the Mrs at a

bar in BrookLAND:"…I went and stood by him and said, ‘Man, it’s great to see you;

may I buy you a drink?’ … [he] just said, ‘Sure, I’ll have a Patron

tequila’ … Beyoncé came out of the ladies’ room and had [one] on me as

well. I thought it was just great … they just acted perfectly normal

and gave me the great pleasure of buying for them."The first couple of Hip-Hop were also recently seen in the Hamptons

pushing this $500,000 2010 Devon GTX. The rest of us will have to wait

until the first quarter of 2010 to get one.GHETTO CINDERELLA STORY (KINDA)I

bought into the Mega-Millions lotto hype. I thought I was getting

signs from god that I was gonna win so me and my man (pause… don’t get

at me Joe) Vinny Bucks copped a ticket. Needless to say since I’m not

on an island somewhere I didn’t hit (pause). One of the people who

STOLE my money is James “Jimmy” Groves, a Harlemite who works the

graveyard shift stacking chairs at the garden (dude looks like he

probably had DVD’s, white tees and knew where to get a little something

something for you too). He claims:“…I didn’t have a dime in my pocket … I asked for a lottery ticket … and the next day, I won $166 million”When

asked about the 40 calls he gets every day from people like his mothers

third uncles baby mothers sister he told the NY post:“…everyone is on me like stink on s**t”LMFAO … I love to see my people come up all crazy even though that was mine on some G s**t.

IM JUST SAYIN’DJ’s refusing to play T-Pain cause he dissed Jay-Z is d**k riding in it’s purist form.Didn’t the Bow Wow and Tyra Banks kiss look awkward as a muh. Brought me back to Truth or Dare at Museum Middle School.The

Dream didn’t get a pre-nup???? I guess when the next hot producer or

songwriter Christina works with snatches her up he’s gonna have to come

up off half that Island Def Jam money.

So, what do you think of Chance?


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I didn’t know Jay-Z has a son that nobody knew about. Check it out right here.

HA! Fooled ya didn’t I? Well, that teenager just looks like Jay. I thought it was a really good Photoshop though.


Timing is everything as these brothers found out.


Here it is, kids:

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