Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Disses Kanye For The Zillionth Time


I heard it was on again with 50 Cent and Kanye West out in Philly for the 2007 Powerhouse concert over the weekend. Well, my boy Jutty said he “thinks tension exists between 50 and Kanye.” Let me run down what I heard happened. I heard 50 came on the stage as a surprise on the bill. When he did, I heard he did well, but the crowd was somewhat unfamiliar with his newer material. I heard, he asked “Am I still number ONE,” but and the crowd screamed like crazy (as seen in the video). So, 50 allegedly puts on these white stunna sunglasses and started to mock Kanye West to the tune of “Stronger.” He just went hard at Kanye – seemingly for no reason. From what I heard, 50 was on the bill because T.I. was out of town. Anyway, 50 finished his surprise set and ended like Eddie Murphy’s “Sexual Chocolate” skit in “Coming to America.”

Later on, I heard Kanye came out and said something like, “Ain’t y’all tired of fake a** rappers who dont make real music and run they mouth?" I wasn’t there, but I heard Kanye seemed upset, but never mentioned 50’s name…so maybe he was talking about somebody else. Yeah, right! Anyway, there is a positive side to all of this. Kanye and Beanie are cool. The Roc is whole! Ye brought out Freeway and Beans to show the roc is still strong! Jay-Z was supposed to be there, but he didn’t make it and Kanye’s set started at midnight.


You know, I wish the rappers would let it go. I heard that Gillie and Cassidy were trying to work some stuff out at the Powerhouse concert. What started out as a conversation rapidly descended in to a bad place. Gillie was the opening act at the Philly Powerhouse. Cassidy was later on. Anyway, Gillie apparently hung around afterwards, because he did well. So, he and Cass crossed paths. I don’t know what was said, but I heard a lot of hangers-on and crew members were really creating a beef-like situation. No violence actually broke out, but I heard security was pulled in to stop it. Later on, I heard Beans and Cass questioned Gillie’s “King of Philly” proclamation. Everybody just fall back, please. No more beef. All of you are KINGS.


When Jay-Z wasn’t at the event in Philly, I had to look into it. The “god MC” was in New York at the NYC premiere of “American Gangster.” I think it was in Harlem. I heard Jay was out there and looking pretty damn dapper. Pause. I heard there were all sorts of stars out there like Mr. Denzel Washington (lets get that Oscar) and Method Man (We love you, Meth) and Idris Elba (You the man, bloke!). Even Rev. Al Sharpton took in the movie. I bet he lived it! LOL.

KHIA DISSES T.I., Trina, Jacki-O, Remy Ma, Lil Wayne…wow.


Shout out to Eddie Murphy. I been hard on dude, maybe because I’m such a big fan. At any rate, I heard has been shooting and producing a movie in Denver called “Nowhereland” for the last few weeks. He’s working. (Thanks Stooby.)

I heard 50 Cent just shot another video for "I'll Still Kill,” a song that features Akon.

One of the AHH staffers told me that a young singing sensation has a crush on Akon, even though he is over 10 years older than she is.


Now, I have to admit, I never heard of LaLa Brown, but she is a singer that’s down with Lyfe Jennings. At any rate, I am sad to say she was killed a few days back. Now this is listed all over the p. On wiki, it says she was killed along with her boyfriend in a studio on Milwaukee. I really hate these types of rumors. I hope this one is false. On top of that, she was in song and video with Lyfe. RIP.

More rumors later today! TOMORROW, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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