Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent, Eminem, Young Buck, Epic Fails and National Go-Topless Day!

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Women need to fight for their rights and their rights need to be given to them! August 22 is National Go-Topless Day!!!! I want every woman to send me their pics of them topless in honor of this day at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com! If you want, show your face, but you don't have to! Men have the freedom to walk around this nation with no shirt on and its time for women to have the same and equal rights! Now, this is going on all over the nation so please let me know where on the East Coast it is going down so I can come out and show my support!!!!!


Lets start with Tila Tequila!

That was a pic of her right before the Insane Clown fans started throwing rocks and beer cans at her. Source - Egotastic.com


Here is the latest on Dame Grease, who is the man behind hits from all sorts of people like DMX. Dude was messing with a girl in Arizona who was also managing him, my source says. Well, they were an item, but Grease was still smashing Max B's 19-year-old ex. Max's ex is supposedly preggers and the word is its Dame's. I think Dame has denied that it is his, but I am not sure. But the first woman from AZ is pissed now, because she says she has put a lot of time and energy into Dame and his career. She's even lost her kids over this they say. Oh, did I mention they all live[d] in the same house? The rumor is that they were all "close pals" in that regard too with very open relations but now it is a scandal in the underground. The one girl aired it out on twitter but then deleted it all. I never saw any of it. THE GAME AND 50 CENT GET BACK TOGETHER!!!!

Oh yeahhhh...you didn't see this one coming did you? SIKE! OK, so Game and 50 Cent aren't getting back together, but something else is happening. Big Fase 100 (Game's brother) and Bang 'Em Smurf (one of 50 Cent's original homies) are linking for a mixtape album called Common Loyalty, I am being told. The word on the street is they are going to be showing the disloyal "young'uns" the meaning of loyalty. The first song is supposed to drop next week. Also hearing Bang 'Em is going to start dissing 50 Cent crazy again.EMINEM IS GROWING UP?

Eminem has put his long running beef with Mariah Carey to bed. Here is what he had to tell VIBE.com.

"You know what? I got to be honest. I really don't want to talk about her anymore only just because it's kind of like the last thing I said about her was on 'Cold Wind Blows.' I made the comment, ['Take a look at Mariah next time I inspire you to write a song.'], I don't want to keep beating a dead horse. I'm not even going to comment about it. I'm done with that whole situation. I said what I had to say. I'm done."



Who I gotta stab to get Young Buck a release? Serious! Buck jammied somebody for Dr. Dre and yet he can't get the doc on the phone for a call. I mean, we know Dre's a recluse so it is what it is. Dude has moved on. Here is what he said to VIBE.

"Dr. Dre is an individual who I wish I heard from at some point in time because his voice in my situation would means a lot. He don't have to on my side or [50 Cent's] side, but just say something, bro. I even told Game to say 'what's up' to Dre for me, but I haven't heard anything..I haven't received an email or spoken to Dre in three years...I haven't heard from Dr. Dre or Eminem... not to say my situation is any part of their business but at a point in time I was sitting in front of these dudes. And I'm not looking for them to take sides or anything, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is being done to me from their artist." [Source]ILLSEED'S QUICKIES

Fantasia and COOK (Antwuan) are moving in together.

Beyonce the Beast is about to be unleashed back on the world. Oh man, I feel for Keri Hilson right now.

LOL! Meth is going to sue the Insane Clown Posse for his getting hit in the face with a can.

Just great. Montana Fishburne is planning to sue Brian Pumper to halt the release of his new DVD Phattys, Rhymes and Dimes 14. WTF?

People are talking like Kanye Swift, I mean, Kanye West and Taylor Swift are going to reunite at the VMAs in September.

Joe Jackson and Katherine are headed for divorce. They haven't really been married for quite some time.

I just want this to be known and on the record. I like Dame Dash and I think the world is a better, more interesting place with him in it. Thank you.


This dude is wack! They were supposed to do a freaking chest bump and...it all goes wrong. Watch this!


Antoine Dodson is at the No. 89 slot on the Billboard 100. Hot damn! Hide ya kids, hide ya wife!


No editing needed, just the streets and only the streets.

"I'm real happy for Drake and real proud of Drake. I was lookin' on the Internet and he made $10 million this year. So maybe when I make $10 million then we can tour!!!"

Wiz Khalifa said this in regard to Drake trying to bring him on Tour , if given a response from Drake this could blow Wiz street buzz up to a major level .

Wiz denied going on the tour to continue building his buzz , if the upcomer would have gone on tour with Drake he would have been exposed to the masses

through the Drake world tour + he could have made a few million dollars potentially , Wiz jus signed to Atlantic .

The ICP are Dissing Method Man , this will most

likely lead to ICP selling a few more records there latest albums haven't done much over 10 thousand.

Young Dice has a new mixtape available online "Statue of Liberty in Miami" it is the prelude to his Maybach Music Group debut "Palm Trees in New York" Presented by Rick Ross & Bang Em Smurf .

Holla at the kid @MTMovieStar an shouts out to Maybach Music Latino Down in FL

TOPLESS WOMEN, WE LOVE YOU! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!