Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Ends Ross Beef? Jay Buys Out Def Jam Contract? Cassie's In Love!

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This isn’t like anything new, but its new to me. One of my readers friends hit me up and told me that MC Eiht and Preemo might do an album together. I mean, there isn’t much more than that, but I will say that its probably not a good move for either guy. LOL! Seriously, I am a fan of both but I never thought of them as any sort of duo. We’ll see.


Cassidy is looking to make some changes, I’m hearing. Personally, I thought that after his situation where the dude got killed and then the accident, I thought he’d go back to his normal self. That doesn’t seem to be the case. It would appear that Cass has adopted a more religious based rap style that leads people to believe that he’s becoming a gospel rapper. I think he’s actually committing to this gospel rap stuff. Then, there is the rumor about Amber Rose, Kanye’s girl. I wonder…if you know…what it feels…


Cassie sent this out on her twitter – I wonder who she is talking about?

"If it weren't for you, who would remind me to say my prayers before bed. I love you more than my heart can handle.xxxx


IS 50 SMASHING BETTE MIDLERI'm not trying to be funny, but when I read this quote, I didn't know what else to think!Bette Midler said: "He is one of the newest members of our tribe. He has really made my life worth living. 50 has been with me through thick and thin."

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50 Cent said "Look how beautiful things are and how nice it feels when [I'm around her."


50 CENT DEADS THE RICK ROSS BEEF?From Whoo Kid:"50's done ten freestyles I'm waiting on like, two more. I guess he's trying to figure out the title. And I've been doing a lot of those Radio Planet videos, so I'm gonna put together a RadioPlanet.TV 50 Cent video. Those are my video mixtapes I've been putting out, killing the Web waves...The Rick Ross sh*t is outta here. It's over, he's done his promo, 50 promoted his album very well, so Rick Ross is outta here. Now he's worried about his own s**t.They got the Tia book out there. That should be the last level of anything that has anything to do with Rick Ross."


Drake has publicaly denied that there is anything between him and Rihanna! Now he does admit to chilling with RiRi, but there’s nothing really poppin’ off. Pause.

Click here to listen to this sad audio!

Drake, many people were about to live vicariously through you but now we have to give you the fail of the day! Ya shoulda ran with it buddy! LOL!Here is the original report- "Also, check out the rumor about Drake kissin’ all on Chris Brown’s ex, Rihanna! Click HERE! "


Jay-Z is officially the MASTER! The rapper now owns all the master recordings of his albums up until this point. From what’s going around, the paid like $5 million for this most recent album. Only thing is, its unclear as to what album that actually is. I’m sure Def Jam didn’t mind the money. They are suggesting that this catalogue of music is going to be the basis for Jay-Z’s new venture with Live Nation, Roc Nation. I mean, lets be real – its going to be hard for Jay to find some fresh talent that’s going to help him live up to that massive advance that he got. He’s going to have to hustle! Anyway, Jay-Z’s about to drop some heat with Blueprint 3…I can feel it in my bones.


Tech N9ne just signed Brotha Lynch Hung to his Strange Music label.


Check out this rapper named Humble Tip and his message.



WHAT? A cop pushes a woman down the steps and then charges HER with assault. They are now looking at his whole background.


I'll tell you, these rumors are a messy job in deed. According to my homey Gyant, Kanye has given the boot to his bald babe Amber Rose. According to G, Amber was trying to get her swerve on with Cassidy - you know the rapper from Philly. Now, this defies my own internal reasoning, but I will finish the rumor. Apparently, she violated while Kanye was out in Hawaii working on the Blueprint 3 album and Rihanna’s upcoming CD. Well, they say she was creeping with Cass on the low and Kanye found out. WOW. She would be the dumbest person ever. Madonna palmed her tail. She could of gotten her bi-rocks off and kept Ye as her escort into high society.


I don't know much of anything about this Dolla stuff. I do know the killer is saying it was self defense. But, here is a letter from one of my Cali homeboys refuting some of the reports out and about: "Hey wsup Illseed. I was shocked when I heard the news about Dolla getting killed. I didn't know him personally but it weird for me because I actually saw him the day before. I don't know why I keep hearing reports of him going straight to the mall after he came from the airport because I saw him in person on Sunday around 12pm at Cj's restaurant in Los Angeles. He was killed on Monday. I know it was him at CJ's. He said hello to me and he was with like 3 or 4 other guys in a black Cadillac Escalade. So he's been here at least since Sunday because I saw him that morning. I don't know think the guy who shot him was following him from the airport unless he was following him for 2 days. I don't think Dolla was here on a Sunday afternoon, flew somewhere else and came back on Monday and went straight to the mall. Doesn't make any sense to me. Well that's it. Just wanted to give you my 2 cents. Thanks."


I got this email from one of my Canadian connection: "Wiseguys on the Westcoast! So Drake got some talented homies from the Dot and they all jumped on planes to support their homie on the end of his big tour.. and it looks like they taking LA by storm!! here's some rumours.. Boi1da is about to MURDER the game again with a very big signing at a very big machine! Drizzy is Number One on Power Radio in LA (and everywhere else), Jay Z has done the remix of "The Best I Ever Had"... Bishop Brigante & Snoop have been in the lab again for a new single.. Ken Masters is dating Raven Simone?JD Era lands here tommorow! Big Show in San Bernadino the Luckman Complex in LA... and yes Drake is dating Rhianna... you remember some of the wiseguys from that Drake song "Good Riddance"


SMH. You may have missed. I know the AHH News didn’t cover it. R&B singer Michel’le is suing Suge Knight for back child and spousal support. She said that she has not gotten anything from Big Suge in about three months. She is reportedly owed about $40k and is looking for $13k a month. She’s ballin! She got married to Suge in 1999. She also has a kid with Dr. Dre. AWKWARD!

If you never heard of her, here is a song from back in the day. Dre used to produce her on Ruthless Records. He was also featured in a lot of her videos.


There is a rumor that Uncle Murda, Maino and Cassidy will be doing a mixtape called NWA East.

Somebody told me that Red Cafe is having some issues with other "organizations" in Brooklyn based on his colorful name.

I am hearing Jason Fox has signed with Dipset under Cam. Is this because Jim Jones is down with Webstar? Is this a fight for Uptown?

Michael Vick is out of jail! Who let the dogs out!?

I don't even know who Cocktail is, but I heard she is working as an escort down in Miami.

Rick Ross is reportedly working on a clothing line for “big dudes.”

“The Game,” the TV show has been cancelled. I never watched but a lot of people loved that show.

Robin Givens reportedly owes Uncle Sam $292,000 in back taxes as far back and the year 1996!

I don’t know who Susan Owori is, but she is seemingly claiming to be carrying Akon’s unborn child.


This just breaks my heart. Shout out to MD, who sent this over. I have to give the King Family a big FAIL for failing to work together to see that their great father's legacy come to the big screen. I know MLK is somewhere looking with SCORN and SHAME over his kids behavior.

Dreamworks stated:

“The purpose of making a movie about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is to tell a great story which could bridge distances and bring people together. We remain committed to pursuing a film chronicling Martin Luther King’s life provided that there is unity in the family so we can make a film about unity in our nation. We believe this is what Dr. King would have wanted.”

Get it together, "family." You are supposed to be bigger than this bickering!


Dude dissed The Game, Young Buck and Lil Wayne. Damn…he went in with this video.

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There have been a lot of rumors about Gabrielle Union, but I love her still. She’s a banger! But this letter has ether all over it. It is the wife of a professional athlete.

Here is the letter:I am happily married to a pretty famous athlete and I am quite successful myself. I have known Gabrielle for probably as long as I’ve known my husband. I often heard disgusting rumors about her, but dismissed them. I am not one to get caught up in gossip, as my husband and I are often subjected to it ourselves. In any case, the rumors would not even affect me if they were true, as long as they had nothing to do with me. I have heard about Gabrielle being very promiscuous, but that never bothered me. She was always very pleasant when I came into contact with her and that’s all that mattered. She seemed to be working hard at her “success” and I respect ambition. Rumors flooded even throughout her marriage with Chris. Her affairs with so many…young, old, married, divorced…were no secrets. Boris, Darren, Jason, Derek, Jamie, Hill, Ludacris and the list CONTINUES!

Again, it had no affect on me. I certainly did not agree that she was the mistress to several married men, but it was not my life. I felt as though Gabrielle was searchingfor something she would never find and I often felt sorry for her. Two years ago, while attending the NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas with my husband, I ran into Gabrielle there as well. At this time, she was telling me about a man she had been interested in, but i didn’t pay much attention to it. About a week later, I heard a rumor that she was romantically involved with Dwyane Wade that same weekend (while might i add, his wife was there). What I found ironic was that…Dwyane was not who she had been telling me about. Again, I let it slide. For the following year, Gabrielle continued to do as she pleased, I saw her on several occasions with a variety of different men. The rumor of her and Dwyane continued as well. This past year, the news seemed to be that Gabrielle and Dwyane were officially a couple. Although I knew in my mind that Gabrielle was not settled in this supposed “relationship” with a man who is a decade her junior, it was not my concern. I no longer felt sorry for her, but rather for Dwyane. He seems to not know any better. I can understand that he is newly single and is more than likely exploring his options. But to hear that he has assumed Gabrielle as his girlfriend disappoints me. I have met Dwyane a few times as well through my husband and he seems like a true gentlemen, someone with traditional values…but who has become caught up in the “celebrity world”. The reason for my article is not because I am thaaat concerned with Gabrielle or Dwyane or anyone else mentioned here. The reason for this is because Gabrielle has now gone too far. She has approached MY husband. Over the past 2 weeks, I have found SEVERAL emails from Ms.Gabby. When does this woman stop? Although my husband is not innocent, as he did give Gabrielle his email address and phone number, he was smarter than to engage in her UNACCEPTABLE behavior. This is a woman whom I know, and have spent time around. I cannot grasp what goes on in her mind. I asked my husband why he was not inclined to be drawn in by Gabrielle and he gave me an honest answer, he said “she’s DANGEROUS”. When will this woman stop? To me, she seems to have Dwyane fooled…so why not continue to fool him and leave other women’s men alone. At almost 40, it is revolting to be acting as a 20 year old. Someone help her please. I will post this article AS MANY PLACES as I can to ensure that women (especially those with rich and famous men) are aware of this woman. I hope no other man or woman has to fall victim to Ms. Gabrielle Union.


Kanye and Jay and RiRi are all in Hawaii working on their music. Special.

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