Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Is Losing Mad Weight?


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What's good people? Well, here we go. There is this hater on AHH and all he does is run around hating. Well, I encourage him to continue on his hating spree. Why? Because it generally means you are doing something right. It also generally means that person (the hater) is really a lifeless clown yelling behind a computer but not actually participating. Basically, walking dead who will have no legacy when they get tossed in a box. Hate on, becauseI hate myself more than you could ever hate me - BEAT IT BUM! PAUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ONE TIME!

These are the same sort of people that hate on the new Health Bill and Barack Obama. They are just on the side spewing hate and - more often that not -fail to offer any meaningful contributions. Now people have something that takes care of people and the Gov has a working model for Health Care. F outta chea if you don't like it, hater!


Uh oh! Remember how 50 Cent is supposed to be losing a lot of weight for some movie role? Well, I am being told he is losing that weight as a rapid rate! 50 and G-Unit did a recent show in Belfast and he has lost considerable weight. In fact, he’s about the same size as Banks, says my homey Padraig.

Here is the funniest part. I was told that somebody threw a bottle onstage. 50 took the bottle and tossed it back into the crowd. The crowd responded by tossing all their bottled back. It looked like the last scene from 300! LOL! Seriously, most of the bottles were plastic! I heard Banks was the fastest, by dodging all the bullets. I heard Yayo got hit about 20 times and 50 a few times. I heard Whoo Kid panicked, in fear for his equipment. Believe it or not, it was all in fun. 50 yelled, “Oh, you don’t love me now?” And the crowd screamed in glee! The love the Unit!

Oh yeah: Chelsea Handler of "Chelsea Lately" said 50 Cent tried to smash! LMAO

Shout out to Padraig!


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