Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Leaving Interscope? Shyne Vs Cease & Kim: The Real Deal

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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSEThe rumors were a nightmare! I had issues with my internet and ended up doing the rumors on my mobile device. I sent that over to one of the staffers and you get this mess! LOL. I am working on some additions that should post later today.


I have an insider at Interscope Records who is pretty high up on the food chain. They have told me that 50 Cent is going to be leaving Interscope. This is nothing new. We all know that 50 Cent is on the last album in his deal and seeks to re-negotiate his situation and bring G-Unit with him. Here is what he said in a recent interview with AllHipHop.com.

AllHipHop.com Lets talk about G-Unit a bit. Can you speak on the status of G-Unit a little bit?

50 Cent: Everybody’s intact, as far as Yay [Yayo] and Banks, they are both recording new records. When their music is 100% dead right, you’ll probably be hearing another G-Unit album following the release of this actual project from me. And then, their solo albums.

AllHipHop.com: Are they looking for new recording homes?

50 Cent: Well, not in a hurry…to do that. [Pauses] Because its almost time for me to re-negotiate.

AllHipHop.com: Yeah, I know…this is your last one [with Interscope].

50 Cent: Hey. Why would they go ahead and do a deal a head of time when they would be a part of the package and negotiation for me.

This interview was about a month ago so we don't know if 50 Cent has started and/or ended his negotiating over there. My sources say that he's leaving and The Game is about to be the new dude they look to to be a flagship rap artist. Expect to see huge promotion surrounding The Red Album.


The rumor yesterday got people talking about the whole Lil Kim, Cease, Bad Boy and Shyne stuff. Martin, an editor with AHH, was right there when it all went down. Here is what he said:

Hope you are well. I know both Shyne and cease real well, and shyne didn't get beat up by jr mafia in front of daddys house. What happened is cease, gutta and a couple of other dudes stepped and surrounded shyne about the biggie simarlarities. Shyne was with someone else, one of his boys. Things got tense with all the back and forth and shyne or his boy (I forget the exact deets) pulled out a burner and started shooting at the ground and then at the air to break shit up. Ultimately everyone scattered and ran. If you look it up there was an article in either the ny post or daily news about a shoot out in front of daddys house. Who ever was popping off tossed the burner and ran. Also the beef got deaded becuz of Wolf, puffs ex bodygaurd and more, cuz wolf put in TONS of work for puff. Wolf used to hold shyne down therefore shyne putting the exec producer credits to wolf for godfather buried alive.

Somebody else had something to say about the Shyne/Foxy/Lil Kim and others. Here is what they they said:

just to clarify the shyne and jr mafia rumor.The reasons they had beef was because the wanted shyne in jr mafia and he refused.2nd he became a ghostwriter for foxy and wrote the 1st track on her chyna doll album which threw shots at kim.The reason they were cool is because they had the same manager at the time Don Pooh.Lastly Shyne got into a beef with some dude in a club then a few days later they came to daddy's house and shot it up looking for Shyne.The only problem was lil kim was in there recording instead of shyne.They jumped shyne at a later date because he cpuld have gotten kim killed.Just wanted to clarify that.


My homey Tommy G sent me some real deal info on The Game concert in Australia. Looks like The Game went cold loco on Jay-Z and The Roc too! From Tommy's letter, even Kanye should be catching feelings about now. Read this letter!

Wat up Illseed & Allhiphop, First off let me say I'm a big fan from Melbourne, Australia and I check out your rumours and the website daily.. Just thought I would drop yall a line to let ya know bout the G.A.M.E concert that just finished at Melbourne's Festival Hall... What a loooooong ass wait it was until he finally came out, the crowd almost fell asleep with the s**tty support acts... anyway G.A.M.E finally strolls out and the first thing he says to the crowd is??? yep, f**k JAY-Z.. f**k JAY-Z.. f**k JAY-Z.. f**k ROCAFELLA... ROCAFELLA KILLA... ROCAFELLA KILLA with the gunshots and all that s**t...Some f**king idiot thought he would be funny and threw up the ROC sign as Game was rappin, so Game cut the music and called the guy a bitch and invited him to come up on stage and throw it up again.. obviously this boy was bitch made or had some brains cos he just shut up and stayed exactly where he was.. crowd looked like the were about to mash on him for real though haha.... He performed for about an hour and it was a pretty solid set.. Did the usual stuff I read about drinking the full bottle of liquor and getting a s**t load of females on the stage with him.. did a tribute to pac and big rapping hit em up and juicy... During his performance of Westside Story he started another chant of.. Jay-Z aint on the Westside, Aint no Rocafella's on the westside so on and so on...Even managed to throw some more jabs during One Blood where he said, you 38 and you still rappin ugh, he then stopped the music and continued, you 39 and you still rappin ugh, jay-z 40 and he still rappin ugh, jay-z 41 and he still rappin ugh, jay-z turn 42 and he still rappin ugh.. you think when he turn 45 he be still rappin?? by then ill be 35 and ill still clap him... All in all it was an ok show but nothing spectacular, he did say he was sick though so that may have been why the show was just ok.. not hatin on game cos im a big game AND jay-z fan but the jay concert here was much better... props to Game though for comin to Melbourne and tryin to rock it even though he was sick. Anyway you have probably heard all this s**t before but thought you might like to know about the Melbourne show. p.s. there were NO D.O.H Tee's for sale like you mentioned there might be the other day.. maybe they had a change of heart :)


Looks like the Michael Jackson dedications are about to be rolling in. From what I heard, Hip-Hop is going to do some remixes of the "king." From what I understand, these will consist of some of Universal Records' top producers like Q-Tip, Akon, Swizz Beatz). The are going to remix some of the best Jackson 5 songs. There is a reason its not MJ himself, because the Jackson 5 was on Motown.

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Swag Summer school. Diddy is wild. Check this video.

Lil' Biggie is rapping! Oh Snap!



A reader wanted me to relay this message: "B.o.B didn't show up to The

Great Hangover Tour in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory last night,

can you find out why he disappointed his fans in Philadelphia?" Dag. The boy Brisco got robbed and pistol whipped at a barbershop. They said he had on like $35k in jewels.

Police have arrested a second man in the murder of boxing champion Vernon Forrest.

Somebody wrote me and suggested that The Game was going to get Ice Cube to counter Jay-Z's alleged Beanie Sigel move. LOL. I refuse to believe Cube would do that.

The Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor Thursday as the first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court. Whoo Whooooo....progress!Shout out to Wendy Williams. She was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame!

I heard Young Jeezy equated Twittering to snitching. LOL. You have to love it.


Khloe and Terrance J? What's going on bro? Check out the video!


There is this model babe named Shakur. I never even heard of her until one of my homies hit me about about her and this quote. She is Egyptian and apparently has some views that don't really go with the Western world. Read them and comment:

"Absolutely. I feel men should be honored like the kings they are. I don't use that term loosely. A real man deserves to get treated like a king. It's the 21st century, and i'm all for women's rights, but i personally believe that it's a man's world and women are created to keep men company. She's supposed to be able to learn from him, take from him and have that security blanket. That's what life is about."


You know you fat when you can hide a gun in your rolls of fat. This all went down in Houston. Houston, what's up?

A person that weighed almost 600 pounds was able to hide a gun even as the police had him in custody. This 600-pound man weighed so much that he was able to hide a gun! But, there is more! The dude had the gun on him for 14 hours AND a pair of clips to boot! They didn't discover it until he was forced to take a shower. Dude had a 9mm. CRAZY. They are saying he should have been searched like three times, but the gun was in the layers of fat and it wasn't found. Somebody at the police station or jail was just sleeping. Click2Houston.com revealed some important police matters. "We teach officers to lift up and look under," said one cop. "The officer may not have arrested anyone this big before."


A baby that's 6-months cannot walk or even crawl, but that didn't stop so wack job of a manger at Burger King from banning the lil' tike from eating at the fast food spot. Look at this madness.


When Lady Gaga had some trouble getting off hat motorbike, she probably didn't think she would start a rumor that she was a hermaphrodite. But she did...pause and all that...but the vid is here.

Lady GaGa. Money Honey [Live HQ HD]by weezy75


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