Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent's Baby Mom and Big Pun's Widow In Reality Show

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Check out what I saw on 4umf.com! 50 Cent's baby momma get a new reality show with other baby mom's like Big Pun's! Wait Pun had a widow! I mean no disrespect! This feels messy nevertheless.

There’s “BBW,” “Hollywood Exes” and now Liza Morales and a group of celebrity exes are about to take over TLC. YBF reports basketball player Lamar Odom’s baby mother Liza Morales has landed a new reality show on TLC, about a group of women who used to be married to or dated very wealthy men. Lamar Odom’s ex and mother of his children, has signed on to do a reality show with TLC about a group of women and their experiences on dating wealthy famous men. “Liza and a bunch of other ladies who were married [to] or dated famous men,” a TLC insider revealed. Liza will be joined by Shaniqua Tompkins who is rapper 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend. The insider also adds, “This show isn’t going to be a fake reality show. It’s going to reveal the truth about a lot of men we thought we knew. “Lamar and Liza were together a total of 12 years and she is the mother of Destiny, Lamar Jr. and Jayden, who died tragically in 2006. Since their break up Liza has come and spoken about her past relationship with Lamar. She discusses how Lamar treats the children that they have together as well as his family. The whole cast hasn’t been revealed just yet, we will keep you posted as more details are released.

Here she is, but the pics look like two different people.

The funny thing about this is that Big Pun and 50 Cent had a brief beef over How to Rob. Remember when Pun penned this:

And to the 50 Cent rapper, very funny, get your nut off
Cause in real life, you don't know
I'll blow your motherf**kin head off (ooh yeah)
That's my motherf**kin word, you understand?
Thought we was a f**kin joke? Shit
Terror Squad ni**a, you don't know me
You don't know my name, don't say it, you understand?
Told you before I ain't no motherf**kin rapper understand?
S**t, I don't make no songs about rappers I don't like
If I'ma make a song,
it's gon' be how I beat yo' motherf**kin ass understand?
That'll be the name of the motherfucker
"That's Why I Had to Beat Your Motherf**kin Ass"
featuring Tony Sunshine

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