Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent's Girl Get Exposed!


50 has been dating a woman who goes by Tatted up Holly for a minute now, and before she became who she is, she was a little “fluffy” according to a woman who is now putting the model on full blast.

by kubeezz

BallerAlert explains that the woman allegedly owes Holly a couple of dollars, and what better way to go about getting your money back then blasting on social media.

Well the young lady didn’t appreciate the gesture and went a lllllllll the way on 50’s boo thang.

The post reads as follows:

“Once upon a time a hoodrat b**** named tattedupthootie made it ! This b**** right here tried to expose me saying i was a bum b**** cuz i was going thru a phase . At the end of the day everybody in this world at some point in life went thru some money problems ! Im not perfect and i dont pretend to be cuz wen u used to getting it nothing impress u !! Im proud to say dat in my 28 yrs of living ive never been thru some s*** like this !! But this bird ass b**** wit no credibility other dan suckin d*** is gonna bully me !! This stupid b**** been swallowing niggas kids since 11 the biggest hoe in grand which in fact is where she was raised at she done ran thru all the homies and now is walking thru these streets rocking labels she cant even pronounce !! B**** let me school u a bit u been f****** and suckin d*** practically all ur life and u have accomplish wat …. Ur day job is to suck my nigga 50 d*** alll day ! A nigga dat dont even claim u hoe !!Now does he know the day u got sick wit him and he took u to the hospital was becouse u was pregnant from homie jr smith dat btw didnt give a f*** about u !!! Nah didnt think soo but u the real mvp b**** u made it !! U made it out to jersey something different from ur hood and lesbian life i could understand u hype u never had anything in life dats why u settle for lesss !! Smhhh i dont really wanna recall all the pussyfacts i got on ur dirty lil ass !! But lets name a few !! Lets give a special s/0 to homie benz the nigga dat made u and payed for ur first lipo b4 u was dat poppin model u were a discombobulated hoe then u repaid him by f****** his man blam !! Blam a real nigga upstate doing his bid and u went over heels for him even had u suckin his toes like a dirty lil b**** u are levels to ur dirty ass f****** sucia maldita aquerosa !! U a nobody i can never respect u in my hood u earn respect its not just givin to u like everything else u have .. F*** u and ur whole crew but then again u have nobody !! I may not be f****** a millionaire but my p**** tight like im a millionaire foh b**** u betta pray to god 50 dont leave ur ass like every other nigga has cuz ima be right there saying i told u soo!!”

And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a couple of #TBT shots:

Photo: BallerAlert

Photo: BallerAlert