Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Says "F**k Diddy!? No Guru Dedication!?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

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I heard a couple rappers got robbed in LA, but I am waiting on the names. 40 Gocc was seemingly missing in action the whole weekend, which lead many to believe he was actually on the prowl for some jewels.

I also heard a lot of rappers were just out and about and if you were there, there was a plenty sight-seeing to be done.

Brandy, Marlon Wayans, RZA and Ray-J showed up to a fundraiser for Kevin Powell and they managed to raise a lot more money for him. Dude really needs OUR HELP. Do everybody a favor and hit the link to see what he’s about. http://kevinpowell.net/

I’m not sure of the other rumors I heard…lemme think and get back to you!


There is a very slick rumor that DMX might be getting out of jail the early part of July. I briefly looked on Wikipedia after getting this rumor and it also stated that DMX is due to come out sometime in July from his Arizona “home.” I wonder. The game needs a DMX in it right now, because we need that balance from the softer side of the game that you may be loving or loathing.

50 CENT SAYS – “F**K DIDDY!!!!!!”

You didn’t think 50 was going to sit by and let his frenemy work with his enemy, did ya? Here’s the vid!


I was talking to my homey DJ Neal and he was down there in Greensboro, North Carolina for their annual “Summer Jam” and they said Waka Flocka got more love than anybody at the show, even Luda. But what was interesting is Deal told me that the crowd was largely “teenie boppers” and they liked Roscoe Dash and Travis Porter. Luda was the headliner of the event, but it seemed like the crowd didn’t go crazy. Anyway…I don’t know what the point if this was…oh yes I do. He told me Plies took to the stage and got pelted by water bottles by one person in the crowd. The police eventually removed the person. He must really hate Plies to throw away the money he spent on tix to heckled the rapper like that.


Guru deserved a mention of some sort at the BET Awards. Nobody really knows why BET didn’t include the legendary rapper in their brief dedication to the artists we lost this year, but Guru of Gangstarr wasn’t mentioned at all. What’s really strange to me is that Guru’s situation was basically an international “scandal” with all the stuff with his former producer. There are rumors that BET is saving the big Guru dedication for the Hip-Hop Awards that are usually in the fall. If they didn’t omit Guru on purpose, they have plenty time to get it together in a few months.


Well, I wonder what sort of behind the scenes dealings when to get Chris Brown to show so much emotion! The lil guy was partying it up like right after he beat Rihanna down, but now he’s a changed man. Everybody deserves a second chance so I guess Breezy has a huge one now. I suspect people have decided to make an “investment” in his star power again. Music needs STARS and its easier to fix Breezy than make another one. I suspect this was a masterminded piece by the dark forces of the music game. But…BREEZY’S BACK!


I’m not quite sure why Trey Songz covered Prince’s “Purple Rain” when it clearly wasn’t sanctioned by the Purple One. One top of that, Pattie LaBelle came in and ethered it with her own over-the-top rendition of the song.

Most people I know love the awards so, but here is a hater's review of the whole thing. He may have seen a different show than the rest of us.


I heard Mikey T has a situation with Tony Sunshine with regards to a fake Fat Joe diss. I’m sure he’ll explain soon. (Yes, I saw the video.)

Speaking of Fat Joe, he beat those bogus sexual assault allegations.

I know you saw Alicia Keys in all of her pregnant glory. Damn that Swizz! He went through the fire to get to heaven!

I watched some of the BET Awards but not all of it. So, my boy Domingo told me when Patti Labelle kicked off her shoes and threw them in the crowd Prince caught one and gave it to the baldhead chick he was with. Then, the bald lady sniffed the shoe. What in Sam Hill? LOL!

Over the weekend at the ASCAP Awards, the good Dr. Dre was there to be honored. I heard (from AllHipHop News) that Dre got a lil’ choked up when talking about his mother. She apparently had him when she was 15 and people wanted her to have an abortion or something. She kept him and look what he became.

Eminem was also there to present Dr. Dre with his award, which I heard was a cool moment.

RIP to a rapper named Evil Pimp. I didn’t know the guys work at all but, I read he was making some movement on the charts. Now, he’s gone…shot dead.

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