Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Talks T.I., Shawty Lo's Babymama Caught With Gun,


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Well, I don't have much else to say other than I feel bad for T.I. and I devote my daily two sense to him in the form of "No Passes: The T.I. Edition." I talk about T.I., the bust and the problems that may come out of this new mess he's in."

Also, read the news and see that Tiny may be in a bigger pinch that T.I. wit allegations of Meth and Xtacy! 50 CENT ADDS HIS VIEW ON T.I. AND TINY


What is the world is going on? How many times am I going to say that phrase? This is confusing. But people seem to genuinely lack common thoughts. Shawty Lo's baby moms tried (unsuccessfully) to sneak a gun in court. Video:


The good people at Fuse sent a response to the rumor that they made Lauryn Hill late for the Rock The Bells show in Washington DC.

The interview that was conducted by Toure,

airing on Fuse, took place briefly on Saturday in NYC on the Rock the Bells site. The concert in DC was on Sunday, the interview did not cause or have

anything to do with the delay of Lauryn Hill’s set.

But, here is what I am hearing out of the PG County! I am hearing Lauryn was actually late for the show - THREE HOURS LATE - was because she was getting a manicure and a pedicure! These facts are apparently from the Washington Post, even though I didn't verify. That's CRAZY!

Eminem and Jay-Z are playing in Detroit tonight. Follow AllHipHop on Twitter to be considered for free tickets to the show in NYC.

You may not believe this and I may not too, but I am hearing that Gucci Mane has a classic CD on his hands.

I got an update on the Ginuwine rumor. I heard the promoter probably came up short with the money and Ginuwine split. Shout out to Stan War (@stanwaresquire)


I think I may have resuscitated Lil Zane's career. I have heard that he's working on a new album/mixtape and he's working with a female rapper to give himself a different "swag."

Shout out to Fantasia. I believe she came out on top of the charts this week. There's one good reason to live.

Diddy is being sued for 12 million dollars. Alright, OK.

A Neo-Natzi German rapper did a remix of Kanye's "Power." I can't give that dude any shine, but I definitely thought that was crazy.

I just heard a rumor that Xscape is getting back together, but that seems unlikely if their main star TINY is facing 10 years in jail for possession.

Similarly, I am hearing that fellow 90's groupe SWV is about to make a comeback. Shout out to Coko.



Snoop Dogg has announced that his next album will be a sequel to the 1993 classic "Doggystyle". Snoop has titled his next release "Doggystyle 2 The Doggumentary". Snoop Dogg has linked up with none other than Swizz Beatz for this project. I guess Swizz is the man to go to for production on your album this year. Swizz is on fire since Kanye West called him the best, Snoop and Swizz knocked out 18 tracks already. Check out the video below of the two in the studio.

Sounds like 50 Cent may release two albums.

50 Cent was rumored to have recorded "Black Magic" album but on twitter he announced his new album title "Return of The Heartless Monster". #imjustsayin. I believe Black Magic was suppose to be more commercial and this new album more old school how to rob 50. I wonder if 50 Cent has been paying attention to what Mr. West has been doing. I can't help but notice that since Kanye took to twitter. 50 Cent wants to make his presence known there as well. The 50 stans are gonna roast me! Lol The title is a good one and I am glad to see 50 Cent back on his bull*#it. Two albums might not be a bad thing.

Eve in a Lip Lock

The Pit-bull in a skirt Eve has announced her new album titled "Lip Lock" and spoke on leaving Interscope Records.

Hip Hop is speaking out about T.I. & Tiny arrest.

I don't think people are too surprised about this. I guess the question is how stupid is T.I. right now and Tiny a rider for real huh? Hip hop has a few questions for T.I. about the situation. A few rappers would like to know T.I.'s lawyer number for upcoming cases. Many celebs are on twitter speaking out about this. Tons of jokes as you all know. check out this updated video. Still no official statement but Tiny sent thanks to fans from her twitter page.

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You know the deal - no editing needed. Here are his rumors.

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Rick Ross & Maybach Music will not be wasting anymore

time on the Slim Thug Situation. if Slim Thug wants to

reply anymore ....Maybach Music Group & Feed DA Wolves

Enjoy the promotion , but the whole group is focusing on the bigger picture .

In other News ...Diddy's Album is Going to Be Dropping

a Year after the first release Date Sept. 20th ..this year .

Last Train To Paris .

Throw Back info ------- Red Cafe & 50 cent were both

gunning for major level of sucess back in 98-99 ,

both were running around Columbia ....For the new Hip Hop

Fans who didn't know Red Cafe Been running around like that ...he was

looking out for a deal around the same grounds 50 was back in the day.

Keeping it Real. pt. 3 DJ Whoo Kid Gets Shaken up

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T.I., WE LOVE YOU!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!