Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent To Challenge Jay-Z? Joe Budden vs Deck III! Nodeci?

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All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.50 CENT TO DROP THE SAME DAY AS JAY-Z?

When the Towers were hit, there was only one rapper than released a critically acclaimed album and that rapper was Jay-Z. Now, the BK rep is trying to anniversary that effort by dropping on Sept. 11, 2009 with The Blueprint 3. It would seem that 50 Cent is going to play spoiler and drop his Before I Self Destruct on the same day, according to rumors. 50 Cent didn’t tell AllHipHop this in his recent interview, but, rumor has it, he’s in the studio with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Only time will tell, but it may be best for these guys to drop on different dates so they can sell better individually.


Michelle Williams has admitted that she really wasn’t into being the pop star that was demanded of her by Destiny’s Child. She’s all into her acting now. Peep the quotes:

“I’m a humble, down-to-earth, funny, smart, young lady. I didn’t just want to be a pop star, thinking she could act. I wanted to be taken seriously. I don’t want you to see Michelle from Destiny’s Child when I’m on stage. I want you to see Roxie Hart. I don’t want anyone thinking, ’she got the role because she was in the group’. No! I actually had to go and audition. They didn’t just give it to me, so I’m happy that I did go for it.”

“You know, some things come to an end,” she shrugs “I don’t take anything too seriously. If I took it so seriously, I’d be in a hospital somewhere not knowing how to deal with not being in a group anymore. But I still want to be able to work in the music industry, but with integrity. And I know that can exist.” Adding, “I just want to let people know that I’m out here doing my thing, in the way that I want to do it. I love to sing and I want people to know me for my music. But at the same time, you do have to get out there to build your profile. You know, if it’s not how I want to do it, I don’t do it. I think I’ve worked hard enough to say that.”



Check out this report from Contact News on how Snoop Dogg avoided a big pizza bill!

SNOOP DOGG escaped paying a huge restaurant bill - by giving out concert tickets to the staff. The hip-hop star was dining at Big Louie's Pizzeria in Eureka, California, last week (08Jul09) with his tour pal Stephen Marley. The pair ordered $900 (£600) worth of pizza, BBQ ribs and vegetarian pies from the eatery - but instead of asking the star to pay for the meal in cash, bosses asked if they could get free gig tickets. Snoop Dogg happily obliged and gave staff at the pizzeria 12 passes to his current U.S. tour, as well as a number of t-shirts and hats as a thank you.


It looks like Jodeci is going drastic to rebrand themselves. The Group is doing some sort of tour, but it will be without K-Ci and Jojo so they are calling the group NODECI. Is this a good idea? It certainly won’t sit will with real fans of the group. But, neither will the absence of K-Ci and Jojo.

Here is Fantasia talking about NODECI:


There is a rumor that Dip Set may see a reunion of sorts in Hartford, CT, because both Cam'ron and Jim Jones are set to appear at a car show for Funk Master Flex.

We erroneously suggested The Game said he was hanging out with “Dr. Dre,” but he said “Drake,” not Dre.

The Game missed his gig at Dublin Irelan Oxegen festival on the 10th of July letting down almost 50000 fans.

Police are reportedly treating MJ’s death as a homicide now.

TBS is all read to pick up a TV version of the Ice Cube’s "Are We There Yet?" Cube will be the executive producer and will make cameo appearances.

Rumors are swirling on Bossip that Aubrey of Danity Kane may have gotten butt implants.

Does anybody have any information on the status of Dr. Dre’s Detox album?

Janet Jackson is looking to take custody of all of MJ’s kids, according to reports.

The Game is starting a new group called The Goon Squad, which he is recruiting from the internet.


Joe Budden put a video out suggesting that Inspectah Deck was nowhere to be found after he said, “F**k Joe Budden.” Here is a report from a reader that says the opposite.

I wrote you an email yesterday talking about the D.C. Rock the Bells tour and I finally got around to reading your rumors from the weekend and yesterday. I saw the video of Joe Buddens saying he wanted to beat up Inspectah Deck, was that video about what he said during the Rock the Bells show in D.C? Like I wanted to comment on a few things Buddens said if that's the case. Like I told you before, Slaughterhouse was not in the venue until it was almost time for their set and they even showed up late for their set. Buddens didn't even say anything about Inspectah Deck when he was on stage. When their set ended I was told by one of Rza's people that Slaughterhouse dipped right out before Wu took the stage. Contrary to what Buddens said, Inspectah Deck was walking around signing autographs and taking mad pictures with fans and he even sat in the lawn of the pavilion to watch the end of the show. So Buddens was lying saying Inspectah Deck rolled out, Raekwon was even on stage with Nas when he was doing his set. Just wanted to clear that up, that isn't a rumor that is truth.

Here is a video to support the notion as well:


Here is a fair warning to those that may be following this fake OJ:

Please put it out there that whoever is using the name oj the juiceman is a fake Twitter account. Juice real account is ojdajuiceman32. This dude on Twitter asking producers to send him beats so please nobody send him beats then call up to the label asking what's up. Oh yea blueprint 3 on the way.


Soulja Boy is the Ice-T of young people? Soulja Boy scared of some competition? Check out the video. Who would say that?


Amerie recently check in with the homey radio host, "Live with Kendra G" and they talked candidly on why Amerie left her record label Columbia records for Island Def Jam. Is it because Beyonce is on Columbia and she gets all the attention??? And what about Amerie wearing the same dress as Amber Rose to the BET awards! Did she run into Amber on the red carpet?? Check out the interview to get all the details!


Here are some rumors for all the fans of Bone Thugs (unsure of the source).

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, the grammy award winning legendary rap group from Cleveland, Ohio are placing the final touches to their upcoming album titled, "The Word's Enemy: Uni-5" on BTNH World Wide/Warner Brothers. This release is scheduled to be out on September 22, 2009 in stores. The group has plans to release two first single's in a rare move in the industry today, the group's manager Bobby Francis who owns Brand Engine Media also stated that they'll release two visuals with the single's to as in "Video's". See this statement by Bobby Francis's Facebook:

Bobby Francis Preparing to meet with Warner Bros Records today regarding the singles&Videos for the "UNI5" .....About to release 2 songs and shoot to visuals for the world to see...are your ready Thug nation?

Bizzy Bone just release another solo album on July 14, 2009, through Hi Power Ent. called, "Back With The Thugz Vollume 2." He is also engaged in talks with Hi Power to release a volume three of the series, he has a rock album coming out later this summer on Sumerian Records, and a collaboration album with rapper A.C. Killer called, "The Criminal Nation Organization" coming soon. Big things are popping for the legendary Cleveland thuggsters.

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