Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Tries To Visit French Montana At Interscope!

AllHipHop Staff


After he helped trounce Gunplay a bit at the BET Rap Awards, it looks like 50 is feeling extra rowdy like Roddy! Apparently, 50 Cent went to Interscope looking to see French Montana face-to-face as he previously tweeted. On Twitter, he said:

"I herd there was a @frenchmontana listening party at Interscope so I'm here."

"(Ghost town) now the meetings canceled cool I'll catch up with him tomorrow."

"Im disappointed Man I want to hear the music ?"

Now, we all know 50 wasn't there to hear any music. He probably had 50 goons there to handle some hand-to-hand business. Or not. Nevertheless, the listening session was cancelled and the good people at the label didn't let anybody hear it.

French Montana is getting good with this response though. I have to give it to him, because this is how 50 really beat Ja Rule…with humor.

"Dont come wit da funny tank top on lol RT @50cent: I herd there was a @frenchmontana listening party at Interscope so I'm here."

Funnnnnnny! Keep the entertainment coming fellas.

Who remembers this? Aw man, 50 killed Ja with this. Too funny!

How 50 dead his beef with Fat Joe, get props for it and start up two more!?!

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