Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Disses Wayne Again! LL Records Diss? The Game's New D.O.C.?


Straight up, I heard that LL Cool J recorded a diss against Jay-Z yesterday. Now, that I got that out, I can add on to the nothing that I know. I heard that LL recorded this song in the studio of another well-known rapper/producer. If/when this comes out as fact, people are certain to be shocked and amazed. I just can’t say who it is just yet. More on it later.


Big time rap fan will recall that Nas was originally going to call Hip-Hop is Dead N***a, but must have had some change of heart. Now, that Nas has decided to go through with it this time, the controversy explodes. But, well Def Jam let him do it? According to my sources, that’s the title of the album and that’s that. (I'm saying my intel goes against AHH's news story.) On the other side of things, other sources at Def Jam are saying that 1) Nas isn’t even on the fourth quarter release schedule and 2) that there will be no Def Jam CD called N***a coming out under their umbrella. I can’t really say what’s what, but I can say its pretty crazy.

Jesse Jackson, Mr. Fa’ Shizzle My Nizzle himself dissed Nas:

"The title using the 'N' word is morally offensive and socially distasteful. Nas has the right to degrade and denigrate in the name of free speech, but there is no honor in it. Radio and television stations have no obligation to play it and self-respecting people have no obligation to buy it. I wish he would use his talents to lift up and inspire, not degrade, making mockery of racism."

- Rev. Jesse “"Hymietown"” Jackson


I heard that The Game has found a new name for his next album. I heard its called D.O.C. Guess what that means? I heard D.O.C. stands for DIARY OF COMPTON! Now, that’s pretty slick considering The D.O.C. was one of the main dudes behind the N.W.A. scenes. Even though he wasn’t from Compton, this is certainly cool.

KING 50!

In the next issue of King magazine, 50 Cent talks wildly about Lil’ Wayne.

You went after Lil’ Wayne on “Part-Time Lover” with the rhyme “You make me want to kiss you like Baby do Wayne/And make you call me Daddy like Baby do Wayne/Damn, that shit sounds gay, it’s insane/I guess that’s the price a lil’ nigga pay for fame.” What’s that about?

I’ve already baited Lil’ Wayne to come on out so I can break his little neck. My consistency will break his neck the same way LL’s consistency broke Canibus’. Lil’ Wayne is a talented rapper but not a great songwriter. He has had great verses on other people’s projects, but they were not his complete ideas over production that he picked. He’s not marrying the right production and lyrics to make classic hit records.

But if he’s not coming after you, why bother him?

Why not break his neck? I got nothing else to do. If they set you up to believe you are in a situation you’re not actually in yet, then you go out there… See, he’s saying what he’s saying to Jay because Jay didn’t respond to him. I’m giving him something to work off. Is that one of 50’s laws? Yeah. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.


Deelishis is buggin’ out and dissin’ my girl Ashanti! Just click here and listen to her put both Nelly and Ashanti on full blast.



I found this letter to be hilarious. Check it out. I only edited the cuss words.

F**k you illseed for getting at lupe all because he sayd that a tribe called quest wasnt that known witch nobody knows them and lupe is a way better then them either way he would kill them in 2 bars. you internet geek f**k you and get a life cause i know you cant get p***y b***h so thats why u on the internet 24/7.

Get it all out, lil’ guy.


Shout out to the homey O.D.D.$.

I’m still getting word that Tiny, T.I.’s babe is preggers. I hope she can maintain under this stress. Did you know T.I. made over $18 million last year? Frorm what I understand Tip is facing 20-40 years.

I heard that Jay-Z isn’t mad at all about what Dame and Biggs have done with the “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” mixtape.

There is a rumor that Ciara is going to record a track with Aaliyah. Ciara is like a modern day version of the late, great A.

Great luck men have. I heard that Kim Kardashian has another sex tape about to hit the market.If you get a chance, check out the ill pics of Fantasia on a fantasy BBQ in her bathing suit. What cracks me up is all the people dissing her, but she doesn't look that bad in these pics.

Not a rumor: JD had a book signing for his book, "Young, Rich and Dangerous: The making of a Music Mogul,” yesterday at Hue-Man Bookstore & Café in Harlem.


I know, I could be wrong, but I heard that all those Biggie movie wanna-be’s can give it up. I heard that all roads lead to Guerilla Black. I cant say if he won, but I can say that I heard he’s the favorite. Check out his video and you tell me he’s not the one.

Shout out to the D.O.C. Here is a couple of his videos!

"Funky Enough"

"The Formula"

"Mind Blowin'"

You already know, more illseed BS later in the day.TOMORROW, WE LOVE YOU!

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