Hip-Hop Rumors: 90's Rapper Disses Kanye West Over New Music.

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Ahh…why not. Its Friday. Its a slow day. I want to go out an play. So, somebody dissing Kanye always gets a look, right? Most recently, the one dissing Yeezy us Dres of the famed 90's act Black Sheep.

Dres is the man in his own right, but I'm not fully sure why he went off on Kanye, considering there is so much more out there to jump on and attack. Here is what he said on Twitter.

Kanye West does not like black people….

drops mic.. makes coffee

besides not being crazy bout his music… i don’t agree with the message he sends our people.. at all… I hoped him to be a better artist
and having a child with the biggest media w***e of our generation.. literally and figuratively… what a horrible message to young ladies

and those with anything to say… i question your walk.. do you see what’s happened to our music.. and i’m wrong? foh

Hip Hop – Pih Poh … its the voice of the people… these dudes DO NOT speak for me and my people… at all…

how do these dudes speak for you… when they won’t even speak to you… but some of y’all are cool with that.. smh… word?

In my very humble opinion… More Common less Cavalli .. I’m not trying to divide… i’m attempting to be the diversity we lack.. #staytuned

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.



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