Hip-Hop Rumors:A Bad Lil Wayne Rumor! Trina's Single?



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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.CHANCE ENCOUNTERSHere is the homey Chance and his rumors! I'll have some more later!TOLD YAIllseed told you long before ESPN even knew. Tiger Woods is currently dealing with his problems in sex rehab. Here's the first flick of him since he went MIA earlier this year:

HERE'S TO SLIMMSo this party promoter Slimm from Atlanta is my new hero. A few weeks ago he was rumored to be Vivica A. Fox's new boyfriend now he's been spotted getting cozy with Lisa Raye.FYI, Lisa recently said:"I ain't with cougar s**t...like the pictures that they did of Vivica kissing and hugging on that boy. You would never catch me doing that."

NEW T.I.As soon as T.I. hit the free world there were rumors floating around that he was working on another album. Word is he will be releasing his next joint by the end of 2010. So far I know he's been working with super producers Jim Jonsin and Amadeus. I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

HEAT ON THE WAYIt took me a little while to "Warm-Up" (hehe) to J. Cole but I'm starting to get into dude. While his boss is rumored to be starting a super-group with Jeezy and Trey Songz (we'll see if that happens) he's hard at work on his debut album. Here he is in the studio working with the hottest producers of the last decade.

WAYNE LIKES LITTLE GIRLS??? (RUMOR CONTROL)There are some rumors floating around that Lil Wayne was involved with some underage girls. Here's the story as it was told to me by one of the girls "friends"."a few months back she

went to a concert he had in Chicago. and at the show she got to meet lil wayne...I suppose he liked her cause he invited them to Milwaukee and had them hang on the bus. after the show he flew her out to Miami and put them up in a hotel and had them hang with them and a few

of young money. She told us she f**ked em"There are also some pictures of the two girls hanging out with Young Money on the tour bus, hotel, etc (see video). I reached out to one of the girls and got her side of the story. I must admit it sounds like they did hook-up but she was 18 and that's all gravy. Her friend on the other hand is 17 and she says 100% they only hung out. I hope Wayne was smart enough not to go there. Check out what she had to say:"she's 17 but I don't see the problem with her hanging out with him he's

with lil chuckee all the time he's like 13 ha is that illegal? There is stuff about her kissing him but people like to talk and f**k even if I was a guy I would say I kissed him too. If you look at our facebooks and our friends' facebooks you'll see a lot of people joking about hanging out with lil Wayne and chris brown and all this s**t after...We're not trying to get him in

trouble for something he didn't do this is all pissing me off"


SMH at Omarion selling 22K his first week ... should have stayed with YM.

(Illseed note: You all know the told people to donate their money to Haiti! That's where the sales went!)

Some folks Trey Songz recently fired may be responsible for the bisexual rumors. Did the ladies even care???

Bow Wow's fans rallied behind his mother when he threatened to delete his account if she didn't delete hers. Glad to hear it I thought that was pretty jerky on his part.

Green light fellas...Trina is reportedly back on the market ... they are saying she definitely broke up with her NBA boyfriend but is trying to keep the split quiet.

Jay-Z is going to headline the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 16th in California. It's not a bog Hip-Hop event but apparently they're pretty friendly to our kind this year with Wale & B.O.B set to hit the stage as well.

The Grammys are going to pay tribute to Michael Jackson with a 3-D presentation and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Remember when he thought Britney was giving him the "Artist Of The Millennium Award"?PEACE - CHANCECDR @ TWITTERFACEBOOK & GMAIL


This is illseed and I had to cut in to Chance's rumors since he said Trina is single.

Kenyon Martin, her ex, gets the fail of the day for getting Trina's lips tatted right behind his ear. Man, what are these dudes thinking?!


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