Hip-Hop Rumors: A Legend In Jail!? Swizz, Alicia And Baby Go Out!


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We all heard about the Joe Budden stuff, but now I got another rumor. I heard a Southern Hip-Hop King is in jail for similar reasons. I refuse to say their name, because I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man. But, female sources down in the bing are saying this is true. This doesn’t make me happy at all so I hope it is merely a rumor.


Monica’s finance has an alleged hateful ex that is spreading lies. So, Monica dumped Twitter. The rumors were that Shannon Brown had another baby out there, but that rumor has been debunked. Here is what Monica said:

Hey there. I want to thank all of u who have been so supportive of myself & family for so many years. I hate to say this, but I will no longer be on twitter.

I love the fact that I am able to speak to my REAL supporters but it has also become a way for people to do malicious things, when my sole intent was to spread positivity. I love u guys dearly and will find ways to stay in touch.

I have dear friends on twitter & team Monica will make sure u have all information on dates etc. Again I love u guys.

But this is better for the protection of my children, my family, fiancé and fans. Too much is being said that I didn’t say and for a person that believes so strongly in being 100 at ALL times. I just can’t do it. I will see all of u guys very soon.


I heard one hell of a rumor. The rumor is, scientist say that the cure for AIDS may lie somewhere in the body of Kat Stacks. Scientists are requesting a meeting with Stacks to study her DNA on how she has effectively defeated the virus. They are extremely excited and feel this is a breakthrough for and will likely halt population control.


You know the government can basically wiretap you and listen in whenever they deem necessary thanks the public-approved Patriot Act. They got ya. But, here is the funny part. The government is not up on the latest in technology the way these tech guys are going at it. So, guess what the Gov is doing, in an effort to keep spying? The Justice and Commerce Departments, FBI, and intelligence community is trying to demand that the telephone service provider no longer roll out their latest technology to the people. They are literally trying to MAKE THIS LAW. But, the laws are saying that they cannot find normal criminals anymore, not just “terror suspects” and whatever. That old Big Brother is wild! They want access into your gmail, phone…all of it. Probably your vid, pix of your naked girl…who knows.


I’m sorry. I tried not to say anything, but I have to!

Click here for my extended commentary.


They saying Beyonce is preggers again. C’MON! Stop this!

Brandy says she hasn’t been “intimate” with a man in years – six to be exact. Flo Riddah’s game must be weak, dun. She told Life & Style mag, “I was very interested in him. I mean, how can you not be — he’s very attractive. But there was just something about us that didn’t click.”

 Click here for Kanye West on Ellen, where he talks about getting his teeth taken out for diamonds. WOW, DUDE!


Nobody cares, but Ciara and Keri Hilson got on ustream to prove they have no quarrel with each other. Here is the video.


Congrats again to the happy family. I know some people are pissy, but not these three.



“Malcolm, Garvey, Huey”

This is roughly six months too late, in my opinion.


It's the kid Mikey T The Movie Star back w/ his #MovieStarThoughts

Yung Berg is talkin bout releasing a album 2011 , hes working with a new label ....(more on that later)

Declaration to Shyne Po' From Mikey T The Movie Star

Alot of people are saying Shyne is going through hard times rite now well @ShyneBarrow @MTMovieStar would like to come visit you , an we can clear

some issues up ....I am putting this out there for Shyne to take or leave , i am willing to come to your home country .

Have your people get in touch with me . moviestarmanagement@gmail.com .

Domination new mixtape has now got a name its "KingDom" Look for this to drop in the near future , new single for the ladies just released "Smile 4 me"

Freddy P . from Diddy's Da Band speaks on Lil Wayne wanting him on Young Money.

Mikey T The Movie Star Exclusive w/ Freddy P, formerally of Diddy's Band

Shouts to @BryantMckinnie B Major we getting the ball rollin .

We Going to be hittin yall w/ a lot of news & exclusive

rumors this winter , Mikey T The Movie Star gon keep it hot .FREDDIE P, WE LOVE YOU! PAY FOR THOSE PIX!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!