Hip-Hop Rumors: A Little Of This, A Little Of That And A Jeezy/Rozay Rumor!

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Maybach Music 4 Remix WITH JEEZY?

So,Young Jeezy was on the first two Rick Ross's albums and the two dons represented very well. And you know the beef popped off with them a few years ago. Recently Ross said that he would do a joint album with Jeezy if they could work out the business. I thought that was a big deal. I'm hearing some rumors that Jeezy and Jay-Z may join Ross in a remix for the Maybach Music series! That would be cool. The next 48 Hours is on the way! Here's is the trailer!

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Poor T-Boz

Man…I feel for this artists from time to time. The rise is fun, but the fall has got to suck worse that a Kim K. in a Ray-J skin flick. T-Boz is in a terrible place. One of the most selling-est females in the history of music and she finds herself broke. She had to sell a home worth $1.3 million for $680,000. She just took a huge loss. T-Boz was unable to maintain the payments on the mansion. I'm sure the maintenance was a beast as well. I really found the report on TMZ distasteful and disrespectful. They said in the headline "T-Boz Comes Out Looking Like a Scrub in Mansion Sale" and "Who's the scrub now?" Did she pee in their Wheaties or something?

50 Cent makes more moves!

50 Cent is now a boxing promoter! YEP! The dude is rumored to be pulling Zab Judah in his TMT promotion company that is co-owned by Floyd Mayweather.

Remember when Floyd KO'd Zab? Or when Zab punched Money May in the sac? Good that they got past it.

Hip-Hop Rumors: A Little Of This, A Little Of That And A Jeezy/Rozay Rumor!

Bow Wow strikes back at his father and family for dissing him….here you go!

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