Hip-Hop Rumors: A Rumor Gets Cleared Up A$AP!

It looks like something has gone wrong in the rumors world swirling around SXSW. While it is apparently clear that A$AP Rocky does not care too much about the XXL Freshman Class, one thing that's not as clear is what happened between A$AP and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). For one, we heard they had a conversation with each other. But that's about where it stops. Some that were around when this convo happened said it was intense. We don't know.


One thing that needs clearing up is the notion that MGK somehow ran up on A$AP or vice-versa. That did NOT happen. Anyway….that's it. No beef. Nothing.

A$AP Rocky did manage to come down to the AllHipHop Breeding Ground event at the VIBE House at SXSW. Everybody was glad to see him. Later in the night, Timbaland and Snoop rocked the house.