Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon Fires Staff? Wyclef In For Big Fight Over Haiti? Queen Latifah Out With Alicia!

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How crazy is it? Wyclef is running for president of Haiti. I am getting some intel that suggests this will be a bloody war. When I say that I say…first, you know Pras is not riding out with Clef on this one. Read about that here. Sooooo…from what I have heard, Clef and his opponent are actually friends. But, the other dude Michel Martelly is a Haitian resident for life and actually in some way or another put Clef on game. A week or so ago, we heard that Michel Martelly was going to fall back and be a part of Clef’s administration, but he has opted to run against Clef. From what I understand, this is going to get pretty grimey for Clef as a lot of people have questions about his ability to effectively lead Haiti. Yep. Run tell THAT, homeboy!

Here is Sean Penn…he’s not playing!


Not sure when this all went down, but I suspect it went down a couple months ago. But, somebody in Akon’s team messed up something royally. What that is, I don’t know. But whatever it was, it jeopardized something real for ‘Kon. And ‘Kon let just about everybody go. From what I understand, he was employing a lot of his friends and homeboys and you know how that goes. They may not have been working up to snuff and then somebody messed up. On top of that, I am hearing Akon is gearing up to come back and he’s not fully feeling his team for the push needed for a comeback. Akon certainly has been gone for a minute. That money from Lady Gaga is sweet!!!!


This dude’s a real slickster. A woman, married with two kids, found out that her spouse was married to another woman – VIA FACEBOOK. The woman, Lynn France, had already suspected that her man was cheating, but what happened next was a fail of all fails. She reportedly got suspicious and saw that her husband was going somewhere. He left the screen on his computer up. She went to the computer and went to the hotel that he was booking arrangements. And when she got there , she was face-to-face with another woman purporting to be her hubby’s new wife. She went to Facebook and saw all the pics of her hubby and his new wife’s bridal shower and all that. Yep. But, there’s another catch. Lynn France and John France were married in Italy and for some reason or another, they were never LEGALLY married. They say it was a clerical error. But, never the less, John France told Matt Lauer on the Today show this week. “I hired an Italian attorney to go and confirm the marriage was illegal. The attorney came back with affidavits stating that it was invalid.” WOW! On top of it all, John has custody of the two boys and Lynn ain’t seen them in a long time. She sees them on Facebook. True story.


Humph, why not?


She’s about to make an announcement, I would assume. She was out and about chilling with Swizzy and Alicia and her longtime trainer/partner was there too.


I guess porn is the norm now? What the hell? Peep what RadarOnline is reporting:

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that the Internet entrepreneur is starring in an XXX-rated film that will have a major distributor.

“Tila inked this deal hoping that she’ll make millions off the sale of it,” several sources with knowledge of the film tell RadarOnline.com. It seems as though the Shot At Love star has already had a recent spike in her cash flow.

The C-lister has been bragging on her Twitter account that she has just purchased a brand new baby blue Lamborghini. Sources tell RadarOnline.com it was bought with money she received upfront from the porn company for making the porn movie.

While Tequila has posed nude for several men’s magazines and has been in some raunchy home videos, this is her first stint in a pornographic film.

Some people’s lives depend on how much attention that they can get from other people.




They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!