Hip-Hop Rumors: Al Sharpton Dating Lisa Raye? Soulja Boy Dumps TILA TEQUILA? Queen Pen Hospitalized?

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content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.READ -Please read the earlier rumors! Thanks! Here they are: Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Disses Fat Joe AGAIN! Kanye Did What? Yung Berg and A KO. Also read our write up on the death of Derrion Albert, the 16-year-old honor student slain in a gang war. TIME FOR SOLUTIONS!


The news section stole this rumor from me and made it into a story!!!!!!!!!!! I'm heated!!!!!! Click here for the news story. Lazy bums!!!!!

What is the world is going on? I got a rumor that DMX is about to start doing some MMA boxing at a celebrity match. Yeah. From what I understand, this is true and it is coming to Birmingham, Alabama. DMX will face Eric Martinez. I wonder what this means for the Dog. Do you think this is a good move for him considering where his career is?

I'm not so sure, but I am sure that DMX doesn't care what I think!


I am not sure what happened, but last week sometime, Queen Pen celebrated her birthday. The only thing is, when she was "celebrating," she was admitted to the hospital for some reason or another. I really don't have much info on this any more, but wish her well. Seems like a lot of Hip-Hoppers are going to the hospital in one way or another. Take care of yourself, people!


Oh god. No hate or malice to Al Sharpton, but the timing could not be any WORSE. As we all know, the boy Derrion Albert was murdered in broad daylight in Chicago. Meanwhile the recently divorced Al Sharpton is now reportedly dating the recently divorced Lisa Raye. Sheeeeeeeeet! What is going on here?

Here is Al reppin' on the WWE

And here is TMZ catching son son out there in the streets.

What in the world is going on?

I mean, for Al Sharpton, this is certainly a come-up. And for Lisa Raye, this is on the come up too. I guess it is all good, eh? Now, they can go to Chicago together and protest the death of Derrion! YAY, lets make headlines for that!

CHANCE ENCOUNTERS (New Replacement name for Chance's Chatter...What do you think?)

Just so you know, Chance is the new rumor assistant and he's got a a lot of Freedom of Speech here. He speaks for himself so if he mentions he doesn't know Kimbo Slice, that's on him. LOL. Sorry, Chance, I had to throw you under the bus on final time. Here on, he's make sure everybody is aware of any spoilers! Still, they are rumors.



was going in on her Twitter early this morning talking about fake

celebrities and shady characters in the industry and she was going in

on one specific individual. This person, who she didnt reveal, begged

her to help them get followers and she held it down out of love but

when they wound up on the suggested followers list he got shady. She said:

"HE is 1 of the

Celebrity Douchebags...He

uses me, then drops me after he didnt need my help" I'm

hearing she was talking about Soulja Boy, and it makes sense since they

did come up through the same channels and he kind of took off. I also

heard it could have been Diddy but Diddy begging Tila Tequila for

anything??? I doubt it.


Apparently the rumor I posted yesterday about Tahiry moving on with a coworkers ex boyfriend wasn't true. Today she tweeted "Just

got my twttr

back Everything that was written last nite except 4 me listening 2

keyshia wasn't me nevr trust anyone w/ yr passwords smh". She even

said she was thinking about shutting down her twitter out of

frustration. SORRY.In

related Tahiry news here's the audio of Joey making her cry in the

latter days of their relationship. Tahiry seems pretty tough but Joe

really breaks her down at 2:25:

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heard the other Chance from the Real and Chance show has a bundle of

joy on the way. If you remember before he was a reality star he was

one of many men competing for the love of the beautiful Tiffany "New

York" Pollard (no sarcasm) on I Love New York. Well, according to one

of the current chicks, the woman that visited him on the exes episode

is having his baby in the next month or two.

I'M JUST SAYIN'I heard there's gonna be a Goonies remake ... can we get Jones in that?Special shout out to Melody from DTF Radio!!!

Wyclef has enrolled at Berklee College in Boston where he plans to get his Bachelor Degree in music

Remember I told you those tickets to the Michael Jackson movie were gonna go fast??

They went on sale Sunday and have been selling out around the world ...

it's only playing for 2 weeks so get your tickets before their all


Jennifer Hudson will be performing in Central Parks Rumsey

Playfield tonight at 7:30pm ... if your in the city bring your biddy it

should be good.Sorry if I ruined The Ultimate Fighter for you

but it is just a rumor ... like most stuff on here may be true may not

it's what I HEARD

Peace - ChanceCDR @ Twitter or Gmail


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