Hip-Hop Rumors:Alicia Keys and Swizzie MOVING IN? RiRi & Chris Brown Update!



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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.CHANCE ENCOUNTERS

I told yall Chance is bringing the HEAT with the rumors. I have some more rumors to be added to the site, but they are going to come later in the day. In the meantime, peep these from Chance!!


Looks like Swizz and Alicia may be taking it to the next level in their relationship. The still-married Swizzie and A.dot.Keys are rumored to be house shopping in New York City. Swizzie isn't ready to get married to Alicia or anything, but shacking up is OK, rumors say, but Star magazine says they were spotted looking a an expensive apartment in the "city." They claim the apartment is 2,000 square feet and they looked at it for about 20 minutes. Mashonda filed for divorce in February of 2009, but they are still technically married. I would assume, not for long. (Actually, illseed wrote this one, but who cares!)


Jay-Z released a video for On To The Next One while we were gone and lo and behold someone has translated it's imagery to prove Jay is affiliated with the Freemasons. Some of these accusations are pretty far reaching but it's food for thought I guess:

I want to know where that Real As It Gets video is???


Diddy got Muhammad Ali's signature tatted on his chest in honor of the New Year. A lot of people on Facebook thought it was a bad move...I say to each his own.


I don't know how old this clip is but I saw it the other day and figured I'd share it. Ever wonder what rappers do when they kick it?? Check out Drake, Trey Songz (he raps), Bow Wow and Soulja Boy hanging out in a hotel room with some ladies playing video games and smoking weed...(it's obvious that's why you keep going behind the camera, guys).

Lol at Bow Wow acknowledging that they were chilling like regular people...there's something irregular about pointing that out.


Sisqo will be on the 2010 season of Big Brother in the UK ... when will this reality show thing die??? Here he is on his way into the house ... dope entrance I must say. Hopefully he lasts.WHAT'S RIRI BEEN UP TO??

They were spotted Christmas shopping, taking in a show at a comedy club and now they're flying off to exotic locations together. Ok, I don't know where they were headed but Rihanna and her new alleged man La Dodger Matt Kemp hopped on a flight together in LA yesterday.

Meanwhile here's what CB has been up to: (New Years Eve)

Shorty with her a** in Chris's hand posted on her blog to make sure everyone is clear she is NOT his new girlfriend. Thanks for clearing that up.

P.S. Rihanna's new man looks like Jason Pitts from The Game right??I'M JUST SAYIN'

Rihanna is releasing a book on June 29th, some people are saying a tell all other are saying something similar to Kanye's Glow In The Dark book with a bunch of pictures.

If you didn't know I'm addicted to social media ... Formspring is my new thing, ask me anything I'll be honest.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are looking for a place together in New York City...they seem to really like a duplex across the street from the mayors mansion.

They say Jay-Z left a party because Beyonce was...flirting with Usher too hard?? Hmmmmmm...I must say I'm a bit doubtful but hey it's a rumor.

Kanye West is back in the studio drawing inspiration from Kobe Bryant, Maya Angelou, Gill Scott, Herron and Nina Simone. Check out his full statement on where he's going with his new music.

Ashanti just shot the artwork for her new album. She's releasing it on her own label Written Entertainment...don't front Ashanti got some joints.

Slim Thug has tweeted about his joy of "self-pleasure", his desire to f**k RiRi and now he twitpic'd this...can someone explain the concept of TMI to him???


I saw this over the holidays and this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen (probably not but for the moment it is)...This dude should consider becoming a professional super-hero:

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