Hip Hop Rumors: Allen Iverson is Broke As a Joke!

We've been hearing rumors for a while now that former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson is broke, and now Forbes.com is reporting that A.I. is in deed having major money issues. The article reveals that over the course of his career, The Answer made over $200 million and that amount does not include his endorsement deals!

Allen Iverson

One of A.I.'s ex-teammates shed light on his exuberant spending habits, including buying a new wardrobe at every city they traveled to so that he wouldn't have to carry luggage! Now that's just plain old silly! Allen has also reportedly spend hundreds of millions on jewelry. Still, I can't help but feel bad for the guy.

Forbes reports that over 60 percent of NBA players are broke within five years of leaving the game! Those are sick, sick statistics that all NBA rookies need to wrap their head around fast.

Source: Forbes.com