Hip-Hop Rumors: AllHipHop's Kick-Off Party, Foxy Update, 50 Retiring, Sanaa Lathan Preggers?


Kanye West and 50 Cent got into a fight at the AllHipHop Kick-off party last night!

Just Kidding! There were no rumors at the AHH Party last night (wink wink) – just a night of great fun and great people. This was definitely the party of the year thus far. The event was hosted by none other than Russell Simmons and Sean “Diddy” Combs. The moguls were among about 500 industry elite that celebrated the kick off of AllhipHop Week 2007: The Rebirth. Anyway, there were a lot of celebs there like Mya, Macy Gray, Pharoahe Monch, Wendy Williams, Andre Harrell, Lil Mama, DJ Goldfinger (on the 1’s and 2’s), Melle Mel, Awesome Two, The Retro Kids, Kool Herc, Kevin Liles, Liris Crosse (who is co-hosting the fashion show with LL Cool J), Young Berg, Herbie Hancock, Terrence J & Rocsi and a host of others. (I will mention them as people bring them to my attention) There were a lot of hot babes there too.

There was the incident of the young rapper that had a lil’ too much to drink, but there is no reason to mention that person’s name.


FIRST, go to this SPLASH PAGE and you will be directed to all of the events during AllHipHop Week 2007 “The Rebirth.” I’m letting you know, if you want to RSVP to ensure you get in a function, do yourself a favor:

RSVP for the Social Lounge with Dr. Cornel West, David Banner, Master P, and Wendy Williams.


RSVP for the AllHipHop BBQ with J Records, Polo Grounds, Hurricane Chris, Cassidy, Emily King and more. (Location will be emailed to you.)http://allhiphop.malt.maven.io/promo/ahhweek/bbq/

RSVP for the AllHipHop Fashion Show with LL Cool J, Liris Crosse, Souljah Boy, Nina Sky, G.O.O.D. Music, Terrence J and Rocsi, Amanda Diva, DJ Envy, DJ Irie and more!



Keith Murray has reportedly gone over to the gloried nation aka The Motherland of Africa and adopted a Soweto orphanage. That’s right and that’s the most beautifulliest thing is the world if there is any truth to it. Now, I heard this all got started after the rapper went over there and got in with the local scene. He’s been over there and will depart in the next couple days. He’s also going to appear on an international Hip-Hop CD for release. From what I understand, a portion of his album sales will go to the support of the Soweto Village. Hey, click here to buy the album and support African villages!


I was the one that first raised the Jim Jones to G-Unit rumor and now I see why. Here is what my boy Ben Cherry said:

Yo man I'm watchin rap city and 50 cent was the host and he said "well I know ya'll heard I might be getting a new artist to G-Unit" then he told the person to come out behind the door and it was jim jones lol! jim said "I got a VERY NICE offer from someone" then 50 said "don't tell them too much about the deal yet" Jim also said he going to have a song with the g-unit team.....awww man I know cam'ron is frowning hard lol

And here is the video:


If you didn't know the beautiful actress Sanaa Lathan is currently dating Chicago Bear's play Adewale Ogunleye (how and the hell do you pronounce his name???) Recently "Mr. I Can't Even Say His Name" had a birthday party in Chicago and his beautiful girlfriend showed up with all of her friends who just so happen to be, Gabrielle Union, Trichina Arnold and Regina Hall. Some people at the party were speculating that Sanaa Lathan looked like she was carrying a bun in the oven! Pregnant??? Could it be true?? Well like all the other pregnancy rumors...we will find out in 2-3 months! I saw a recent picture on her and I am no convinced that she’s with child.


A good friend of mine emailed me this blurb about 50 Cent.

50 Cent appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show today andere he commented on Kanye West’s tiff backstage at the VMAs.

50 didn’t agree with Kanye’s rant and he stated that Ye was mostly being a baby. He also said that Ye mostly is spoiled, like a baby with super good parents.

As far as Kanye's comments about Britney Spears- 50 took exception to that as well. “He [Kanye] forgot that Britney

Spears has sold 50 million records," 50 said. Good point.


The end of yesterday’s story is forthcoming, but I wanted to let you all know the latest on Foxy in case you didn’t get it from the news area.

FIRST, like I said about TWO weeks ago, Foxy ain’t pregnant. I don’t know why she told people that, but I was told that she thought she would get leniency from a judge if she said she was preggers.

SECOND, she has a seemingly positive outlook on life with the following quote:

"This is just a temporary situation," Foxy Brown said in a statement. "I made my bed and have no problem lying in it. My will is steady. What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger. I think there are greater injustices in America that require our immediate attention, like what's going on in Jena, Louisiana. I will not surrender, I'm fine, free Jena Six!"

Free them and keep her in jail…that’s commendable of Foxy...most rappers want a “FREE (_______)” campaign.

THIRDLY, CHAZ WILLIAMS, the man that runs Black Hand, said that Foxy is fine, despite the rumors I keep hearing.

"I visited Foxy at Rikers the day after sentencing, and her spirits were high. I expected nothing less. I was in court at sentencing and she didn't blink an eye. She's a strong girl. So, I'm sorry Miss Jackson, we're not impressed, and definitely not stopping musically," Williams said. "'Brooklyn's Don Diva' will be released as scheduled, and will be heavily promoted by her label, her distributors, and the Black Hand team."

Here is the end of the story from yesterday. When I left off, Foxy had allegedly gone to court thinking she was going to get off, but returned after being sentenced to a year in jail.

Here is the story:

After getting a year in jail, Foxy report returned to the housing area and runs into the same male correctional from before. Now, word has gotten around that she'll be there for another year. So the C.O. greets her "Welcome back, I see you'll be in my housing area for another year. Make yourself comfy." Then Foxy says, "Yes I will, OFFICER!!" He says "Oh I see you still on it. Well remember that when you want cookies, or you wanna wash your ass - remember I'm just an OFFICER, and you're just an inmate like the rest of these girls! See you tomorrow."

From what I heard, Foxy still has managed to hold on to her weave, but its probably about to be gone.

She still has the luxurious weave, but she'll probably have to remove it since its time is soon to expire.


50 Cent will not be retiring when/if Kanye sells more than he does.

Sarah Chapman, the mother of Sean Combs first daughter, has given Sandra Rose an exclusive interview on her blog. Hmmmmmm…

OR WILL HE? Click here to see a reporter's interview that states 50 Cent will indeed retire.

Britney was supposed to work with Timbaland on her new album, but the pair had a falling out. Now, Timbo said that the only way he would work with her if she said, “Sorry.”

J-Hood – formerly of D-Block Records – is now suggesting strongly that he might be signing to G-Unit Records.

Click here to hear Luke dissing Kanye West. Lol. At least people care about what Luke thinks.

There is a rumor that Cam’ron was killed in a car crash, but I know that not true.

Rumor has it, DJ Cypha Sounds (Shade 45/MTV/Hot 97) is now getting into stand up comedy.


TMZ has learned that Remy (real last name Smith) was at Players Club in the Bronx on August 19 when a tussle went down. At the club, Remy saw the boyfriend of a possible witness in her earlier case -- in which she's accused of the July 14 shooting of a friend she accused of stealing $2,000 from her purse -- and allegedly had her posse rough him up, fracturing his face. A friend of the man was also injured, requiring hospitalization for a week.

In addition to the multiple assault and weapons charges she's already facing for the July 14 incident, Manhattan DA spokesman Edison Alban tells TMZ that Ma is now facing charges of gang assault, tampering with a witness, intimidating a victim and third-degree assault. She was released on $250,000 bail, had to hand over her passport, and will be back in court September 20 to review her bail privileges.


This report from Fox News. This is NOT A JOKE, but an actual case with actual legal repercussions. Lol @ Cheeto dust!

DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines man was charged with domestic assault Sunday after throwing a bag of Cheetos at his father.

Twenty-two-year-old Patrick Hamman was arrested after the bag of cheesy chips hit his father, Michael Hamman, in the face.

Police said the bag hit his father's glasses, causing a cut to the bridge of his nose.

The police report said — quote— "Michael's T-shirt was also covered in Cheeto dust."

Police said Patrick, who lives with his father, admitted that he was on methamphetamine at the time of the argument.

I sniff Cheeto dust – WHAT!


If you aren’t with protesting the injustice against the Jena 6, join AllHipHop in a frank, honest discussion about today’s issues – including the Jena 6 – on Sept. 20 with Dr. Cornel West, Wendy Williams, Master P and David Banner. Click here for the information.

For Jena 6 Information, CLICK HERE.

On September 20, 2007 more than 1 million people will wear BLACK as we unite in one voice with one message to declare that UN-EQUAL JUSTICE is just not acceptable. The world will be watching when not just African Americans but people of all races take a stand for something that we all believe in. Mychal Bell and the Jena Six should be free.

Enough is Enough...Un-Equal Justice is just not acceptable! ..Wear Black on September 20th to show your support!






--- 7:00am Protesters assemble at Ward 10 Recreation Park

--- 7:30am March to the steps of the LaSalle Parish Courthouse

--- 8:00am Prayers / Speakers front of the Courthouse

--- 9:00am Sentencing for Mychal Bell

--- 11:00am March to Park / Rally in Support of Mychal Bell & the Jena 6

--- 2:00pm Adjournment

--- 4:00pm Town Hall Meeting on "Quality Education without Fear or Intimidation" C-Span

· Schedule is tentative and subject to change based on sentencing time




Here is Tupac with Arsenio Hall. Pac AND Arsenio were those dudes.

On that note, I am out. Shout out to Pac.


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