Hip-Hop Rumors: Amy Winehouse ARRESTED? The Jay-Z / Jewish Connection


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I think they trying to kill Amy Winehouse and stop her from meeting her true potential! My girl was arrested just today “on suspicion of attempting to interfere with a court case involving her husband,” according to Sky News. Ain’t that about a b-word! Now, the cops aren’t saying, but she was taken in. On top of all of this, Amy has already stated that she intends to kill herself if she is kept from her husband more than five years. That’s right. Amy Winehouse has vowed to commit suicide if she and her hubby are separated more than five years. This is the ryde or die chick the Lox never met. Now, this is supposed to be a “pact,” meaning he’ll do the same. I don’t believe he’ll do it. At 24, Amy is way too young to be thinking like that or getting trapped up by the long, hairy arm of the law. Her hubby Blake is on lock down now because they say that he tried to tamper with a witnesses’ testimony.

I don't know who "they" is, but they are working overtime!


Don’t keep up with stupid rapper beefs, but I know people that do. Here is what Thomas told me.


TI's song called "DO YOU" isn't talking about Ludacris as many bloggers might think. He's replying to Gucci Mane's diss song (remember Gucci dissed TI and then came back and apologized). It was a while before TI replied, but apology or not, he had to come back at Gucci. And, if you recall, he has Young Jeezy on the track as well (everyone knows the Jeezy-Gucci Mane beef). That's why at the beginning of the track he gives a disclaimer about this is the him talking, not the opinion of Young Jeezy (Jeezy has his own verse on the track). Also, in the song he addresses comments made in Gucci Mane's TI-diss track "WHAT KIND OF KING." Gucci said that TI really was never on the block as much as he claimed to be, and that what kind of man diss somebody then apologize for it on national tv (at the BET awards, TI apologized for the altercation with Shaka Zulu). That's why in TI's track, he says that apology was for BET not DTP...he's addressing Gucci Mane's song. Also, when TI says "I ain't from Bankhead? What is this about?", he's addressing the comment made in Gucci Mane's song.

The confusion came because TI released this diss track so long after Gucci's so the general public felt he was dissing Ludacris. But he wasn't.

So please, clear it up, before a war starts (or reignites) off the wrong spark, lol.dueces,

Thomas in Tallahassee


Michael Jackson will be playing seven to 10 dates in London.

Tmz might want to chill on all the crap they keep posting about Kanye’s mother. GLC might come pay a visit to the offices!

That Lil Wayne / Disney story was a bunch of crap! As soon as the writer said that Wayne let him in his mansion, I knew something was up!


Jay-Z might be the answer to it all…


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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