Hip-Hop Rumors: Amy Winehouse Disses Kanye! Jay-Z Sons Noel Gallagher


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.AMY WINEHOUSE DISSES KANYE!Glastonbury is all the rage in the UK and now Amy Winehouse has set it off on Kanye West. She was doing some warm up at like 10.10pm. She’s opening for Jay-Z, I guess, and decided to improvise with her lyrics or something. She was singing "Some Unholy War" but changed the line and sings, "At least I'm not opening for a c*** like Kanye?" WOOOOOOOW!That sure seemed like an unprovoked attack from Amy. Why did Kanye? Well, Amy didn’t stop there.During the show, she mentioned her husband Blake and the crowd booed her – clearly not liking her weirdo hubby. Amy told them, "Don't boo. I'll find your phone and ring your mum and tell them about your bad manners. Manners cost you nothing." I heard Amy told the crowd that she never had loved a White man until she found Blake. No comment to that.She was cool with opening for Jay and introduced him, but not before calling Kanye the C-word. It has also been reported that Amy spit on a person and punched somebody in the audience.I heard Amy did make it to the Nelson Mandela celebration, but didn’t make a fool of herself. Copy and Paste the link below to get the audio of Amy dissing Kanye.http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/mistajam/2008/06/amy_winehouse_vs_kanye_west.shtmlSHOUT OUT TO MY HOMEY MISTAJAM!KANYE REPLIES TO AMYKanye: THIS JUST IN... AMY WHINEHOUSE HATES ME!!! NOW I'VE REALLY MADE IT!!! LOL!!!!Wow, Amy didn’t even need to go out like that. Anyway, it is pretty clean that Kanye isn’t taking this so seriously. MORE ON GLASTO – JAY-Z ROCKS IT!One of my best friends told me the following about the festival!Jay-Z effortlessly proved hip-hop had a right to headline Glastonbury!The only Roc I care about this weekend is the Roc-a-fella one (making a reference to Amy Rockhouse). I can't wait for the critics to eat their words and I hope Noel Gallagher (of Oasis) is somewhere choking on his.Jay killed it! He had no special guests, but he told Westwood, he wanted to win this by himself. He opened up with a guitar doing Oasis’ 'Wonderwall' and then went into “99 Problems” (but a b***h aint one) . YEAH! Jay effortlessly killed Noel!!!! Also, Beyonce was going crazy in the sidelines! She was jumping around like a mad women.Amys just a mess nothing she does matters to me; I'm just sick of people still booking her.They make this big fuss over Jay, but then they are all behind this crackhead (Amy) with a death wish. Well she did Glasto proud, punched a fan, called a global star a c**t and sang like she was being strangled. Nice.According to my esteemed source, Lupe did his thing at Glastonbury and so did Estelle, somebody that deserves way more than she gets.


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