Hip-Hop Rumors: Andre 3000 Inspired by Drake!

While rappers like Common and DMX are coming at Drake's head, Andre 3000 is giving him major props.

”Now I talk to Drake, and I know he had to be like 10 when he was listening to what we were doing. You just never know who’s listening until you hear a connection. I didn’t even know Drake dug my music, I just liked him as a rapper because I felt he had a balance. I didn’t even know that he grew up listening to me. But it’s cool to know that it’s a real lineage thing. I’m happy to see Kanye and Wayne and Drake and all these new artists. They inspire me in a way because they reach back and they say, ‘Hey, we want to get you on these songs.’”

Let's hope this Drizzy inspiration helps 3 Stacks come out with some dope music!