Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Drake and Rihanna Working On A Joint Album? Admits Rita Ora Song Was Initially For Rihanna!

If Drake has it his way, he will team up with Rihanna for a joint album. The two have worked together on a few tracks and Drake has been actively pursuing her for the collabo. Check out what he said below about it:

”I mean anytime she wants to work I’m there, you know,” Drake divulged. “I’ve always urged her to let me come and really work on an album for her, with her.”I’ve got some great ideas so, you know, hopefully when the time is right she’ll send me that text or call me up and say, ‘Hey let’s get in the studio for a month and make an album’, and we can do it.”


During the interview, Drake also revealed that the song "R.I.P." that he wrote for Rita Ora was originally for Rihanna:

“I feel like I could do some great writing for her,” he added. “Actually the Rita Ora song that’s out right now was originally for Rihanna."

Hmmm, so the rumors that Jay-Z pulled that song from Rihanna for Rita Ora are true. Source says that's where the beef between Rita and Rihanna began. Rihanna better move fast before Drake changes his mind and does a collabo album with Rita!