Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Jada and Will Smith Splitting Up the Kids?

Star Magazine scored an exclusive interview with several of Jada Pinkett-Smith's family members who are spilling the beans regarding the super-star couple's alleged upcoming divorce. The magazine is claiming that Will and Jada have split up the kids and are living on opposite sides of the country and according to the source, 'the kids are devastated."

Will and their son Jaden, 13, are living in Philadelphia, where they will be filming After Earth, while Jada and Willow, 11, are living in L.A. before Willow starts touring in May. ”The kids are really suffering,” a source says. The family has been torn apart for a while now.

“They haven’t spent any time as a whole family in months,” explains the source. “And it’s not going to happen anytime soon — if ever again.”


The magazine goes on to say that Willow and Jaden are aware of what’s going on with their parents.

“The kids hear everything that Will and Jada say about each other,” an insider shares. “They’ve shed tears over it. It’s a hard time for them.”

I’m sure [their parents] take it into consideration, the psychological impact on the kids and what they could do to make it minimal,” Jada’s former stepdad Warren Brown tells Star. “[But] it would surprise me if they stayed together.”


“It’s always a shame when divorce splits up families,” Estelle Pinkett, Jada’s great-aunt, agrees.

Wow, Jada's great Auntie and Stepdad came out of the wood-works and sold Jada and Will out! If this is true, it seems as if Will and Jada are closer to getting a divorce than ever before. I hope they keep their kids together, though, it would be a shame to separate the siblings.

Source: Hollywood Life.com