Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Jay-Z and Beyonce Trademarking Blue Ivy?

In what I can only assume is an attempt to stop others from exploiting their child's name, Jay-Z and Beyonce have allegedly filed filed an application to trademark the name 'Blue Ivy Carter.' The application was reportedly submitted on January 26, 2012.

Four days after Blue Ivy Carter was born, a New York businessman tried to trademark Blue Ivy NYC for a clothing line, and another company tried to trademark Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV for a perfume line. Both applications were reportedly denied on the grounds that the names belong "to a very famous infant."

Some people will do anything for a buck! I'm glad they were denied. Coincidentally, there was a Blue Ivy Clothing store in Wisconsin that was trademarked in 2011 before Beyonce even announced her pregnancy. I wonder if that's where the Carters got the name from?

Source: LA Times