Hip-Hop Rumors: Are There "Agents" In Hip-Hop?

AllHipHop Staff

This really isn't a new concept, but I am hearing that there are agents in Hip-Hop like there were in the era of the Black revolutionaries. Basically, these people presume to be either rappers or crew members when they are really agents of law enforcement. They sit in there, deep cover, and report back. Its not foreign. Its a lot like 21 Jump Street or something. Anyway, this has come up recently because there are apparently two popular rappers that are supposedly agents that have burrowed so deep into the rap game that they can't be taken out at this point. Then, there are others that are small fries like weed holders and fall guys. Could this be real? Its not unthinkable! But, the rappers they say it is make me shudder. They are extremely popular. So popular, I can't put the names out there.

Here is Deep Cover by Dre and Snoop.

Illseed, Out.



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