Hip-Hop Rumors: Asher Roth: Don Imus Of Rap or The Bad Joker?


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This is such a big mess up! I don’t know what happened but, Asher Roth said he was hanging out with some “nappy headed hoes” at a recent spot date at Rutgers. Now, I am not going to mash him out or nothing. But I looked at the comments on twitter and I must say dude is in a pickle.

From what I understand…there was a post where he said the comment…they he apologized and later he claimed to have been hacked. I don’t know what is really going on, but I will give you the total post before it was all deleted. Not sure why a hacker would say sorry.

Here you go:

I looked at the comments on the net. Some people are upset. Some felt it was a dumb joke. And others think it’s a press stunt. This didn't work for Don Imus. I think that Asher and all other young rappers should read Jigsaw's story:

"Twitter Will End Your Music Career" - Please read it for the sake of your career.

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