Hip-Hop Rumors: B.Pumper Rap Battles Fab!? Shaq and Hoopz?


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AllHipHop is getting into the movie game!!!! Whoooo! AllHipHop presents “King Of Paper Chasing!” I finally got a chance to see the movie and its nott what you think. It’s a hood-type movie, but its got some serious plot twists and turns and a wild ending. Very well written. Check the trailer below! Shout out to Triple Beam Entertainment!

BY THE WAY...I reported in error that that lil' kid was somehow Jay-Z's allegedly son. At least, I think it is an error. These are rumors and BS, so who knows. This is what a reader wrote and I also got something similar from similar people. "I can’t

believe you fell for MTO’s b.s. again. The kid is there along with his

parents - Dad, Jay Brown and his wife Kwanna. They also have a daughter

that’s along on the trip with another gentleman and Bey’s cuzo Angie.

It’s clear

that people want to make rumors because the parents are always there but

never mentioned and they crop the picture and say it’s Jay’s kid.

SMH. Rihanna also picked him up from school once with Jay Brown (pics

on the net) so I guess she’s his Aunt or StepMom’s."By the way, I didn't FALL for anything. A lot of people were yapping about this and so it matriculated into my life just like that. THIS DUDE WON’T GO AWAY!

I’ll be jumping on some rumors in a bit. In the meantimes, the dude BP (B. Pumper) is now in rap beef with Fabolous! LOL! What the blue hell? Jazzy F is talking about that, because I threw up on my keyboard when I tried to write about it. I’m off to get a new keyboard. Everything below is by Jazzy F. -illseedNICKI MINAJ, FABOLOUS, JUELZ SANTANA & MORE!

All I have to say is the industry is in the toilet and people are taking full advantage of the internet to bitc# for fame. Anyone can get their camera, setup a scandal and get some good hits on the internet. This is the day we are living in so accept it but you don't have to respect it and I really hope that you don't. Now with that being said here is your daily dose of the Fu#kery.

I really think it was illseed airing it out on the rumors that caused Brian Pumper to OD on Juelz Santana like this. I mean we all know his lyrics is weak no diss intended, just stating facts. Brian Pumper just said a bunch of wild sh*t like "I will pay mad bums to shit in your auntie crib" WTF! This is pure crazy!

Now we all got wind of those reports on Shaq being seen with Hoopz right? Hoopz has been known to be a major jump off among rap artist and athletes over the years so it does not surprise me she popped up with Shaq. However we all know Shaq like to play too much so maybe this is a joke. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Shaq put a ring on it at the Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine and Hookah Lounge in suburban St. Louis over the weekend.

Shyne & Foxy Brown will be teaming up once again. About a week or two ago Inga tweeted that she will be taking a trip to Belize to pay the homie a visit. Lets just hope this result in the two of them getting in the lab for a feature on both of their new albums. I think the new Bonnie and Clyde is definitely needed because from the looks of it Jay-Z and Foxy will never be tearing down another hot classic the way they did many years ago.

While we are talking about Brooklyn and female MCs. Babs Bunny revealed on my radio show that she will be dropping her next mixtape in September titled Tattoos and Stilettos.

Nicki Minaj wants Vybez Kartel for "Pink Friday". Nicki is always on twitter giving her fans hints about her debut album and she recently tweeted that she needed Vybes Kartel for "Pink Firday". I guess that will take away from people wanting to know if Nicki will show her.

I guess Soulja Boy will be doing some decent numbers with his next album "Deandre's Way" since the cocaine scandal has made it to Billboard, Fuse TV, every blog and media outlet in the world. He is doing the Dougie right now I bet.

Speaking of the Dougie. Cali Swagg District recent attended the E! Entertainment Ciroc party for the premiere of Keeping up with the Kardashians and Spin City and got to teach Kim Kardashian how to do the Dougie. This is pretty dope, but don't Kim looks stupid a little bit?

Clearly Lil Kim needs not to get anymore work done because people don't even know the difference between her and another person who seem to get their work done by the same person. Lil Kim and Katrise are opening a salon "Salon Se Swa" together but people thought the promo shot was of Lil Kim's Derek Blanks alter ego shoot. How sad is that? Check the video below

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Shout out to Bow Wow's homie Bart. Thanks for showing support on my radio show bro.

BP, WE LOVE YOU, BUT...They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!