Hip-Hop Rumors: Baby Bump is Bonafide Says Beyonce' Rep

Beyonce' and Jay-Z rarely address rumors directly. Typically, the rest of us just aren't that important to their fabulous lives! BUT, when it comes to talking mess about their seed, the Carters are not having it!

Beyonce's publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, spoke with ABC News on Tuesday about all of the fake baby bump insanity that's been going on over the past few days since Bey's appearance on the Australian show, Sunday Night HD.

According to Noel-Schute, the rumors are "stupid, ridiculous, and false." In fact, Beyonce' has been showing off her growing belly in bikini pics and her new video for the song "Countdown."


Frankly, Bey, we're glad you've put an end to the nonsense, at least for now. You may still have to take a camera into the delivery room in February to convince some of these nutty folks, though.