Hip-Hop Rumors: Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z Yet Again, Says Jay's Shook

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Jay-Z is not going to reply. Even though we wouldn’t mind seeing a war of words, between these two, its not going to happen. I was going to skip past it when it popped up yesterday, but I can’t. Here is what Beans said an the video is after:

"Lost the Best of Both Worlds, you could of called R. Kelly/ Mister 2-3, since he's got the arch already, you supposed to pass that Roc when the ball got heavy/Instead he's getting picked at half court already -- he 45 and playing for the Wizards already/Stop stalling, let's get it already/Number one rap recording would have spit it already/I'm a nightmare and will show up in your dreams like Freddy/Sigel, Desert Eagle Arc heavy, already/N*ggas is running scared already/Memph Bleek peed the sheets and leave the bed all wetty..."

YEAH...you know the drill, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!