Hip-Hop Rumors: Beef Alert! A White Rapper Vs A Fake White Rapper Drug Dealer!

Awww shoot! This is not really beef, but I suspect it really is. Apparently the dude Riff Raff is a bit tight over the movie Spring Breakers. Why? This:


And this:

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And this too:

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So, Riff Raff, who I thought was a parody, is not the happiest of campers since actor James Franco is playing a drug dealing character that closely resembles him. Riff Raff conducted an interview with Skee TV and expressed his opinion. He talks a lot of money sh*t, but where does he make his money? Rap? Or is his life closer to Franco's character?

Since we are talking about white rappers, here's more f**kery with V-Nasty.

MFers just doing any got damn thing these days, huh? Got damn.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.