Hip-Hop Rumors: Beef with Royce Da 5'9" & Shyne? Huh? Pretty Ricky Denies Fatherhood! Birdman's No Devil Worshipper!



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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSE

Soooooooo...people don't read? I didn't say Birdman was a damn Satan worshipper! I said the opposite! He worships these streets and is a "general" in the street. Rumors are already messed up without you messing them up even more. These posts are literature...just read them. If you missed it earlier, I said:Well, my sources told me that it has no reference to the devil at

all. It probably refers to Baby being a 5-Star General in these mean

streets. And, we all know what the red is there for.BEEF BETWEEN SHYNE AND ROYCE DA 5' 9"????

I suspect this Shyne is a fake one, but peep it:

This is the worst gossipy mess ever, but I want to touch on it. Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith of Pretty Ricky is allegedly the father of Tisha Campbell-Martin’s little sister Tiara. Hit the link to hear his response, courtesy of TT Torrez.. http://www.mediafire.com/?mzmwwndundh


Remember the rumor I told you about Andre Berto being possibly paid to depart his fight with Shane Mosely? This is crazy! This all is too crazy! The earthquake made an opportunity for Floyd to have an opponent. Anyway, Berto's rep hit me to make it clear that Haiti is No. 1 in his priorities . Here:WBC Welterweight World Champion Andre Berto will be traveling with his brother Cleveland to Haiti this afternoon with the charity, Medishare to provide aide to the people of Haiti. Family always has and always will come first for him.

GOOD! AllHipHop.com has an event coming up with people in NYC to raise money for Haiti too.


Hey, did you read the dope story on Rosa Acosta? Read it! She's also filming a reality show for TV. She's hot.

Rihanna might wanna cut this one off fast. According to rumors, her new man Matt Kemp beat on his ex-girlfriend Felisha Terrell.

Quick question: do you think it is possible that the Haiti disaster wasn't really an earthquake or that it could have been a man-made occurrence?

Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards finally admitted Thursday he is a Maury candidate. He fessed up that he's the father of a child during an affair.WHY BRISCOE IS GOING CRAZY ON WAKA AND GUCCI MANE

Look for a song called "Heavy" for that is the reason Briscoe is going at the so hard.

You can see clear as day, I am not up on these artists. It is what it is.


Man, you never know what people are doing behind closed doors. Former television star Bob Gamere was once a big time sportscaster. Now, he's going to be big, butt in a different way. Mannnnnnn....this dude used to announce for the NY Yankees! He has been sentenced to five years in jail for peddling videos of children having sex with each other and adults on the internet. Straight up child PORN! What a freak boy this dude is! YUCK! Here is the crazy part...he's 71! He was sending this smut through AOL under the screen name “GreatGamere.” He wasn't too smart either.

Here is “GreatGamere”RUMORS FROM JAZZY F.

What's good AllHipHop. Its your boy Jazzy F. On the rumors check in.

Seem like Diddy want to come back to hip-hop. I am hearing the staff at bad boy know his album is gonna flop. He is supporting every rapper's party these days. I guess this is to try and get the fans to get back on that bad boy ish again. By the way ladies and gents the real star of Danity Kane, Aubrey Oday is coming.

I know you guys remember Mona Lisa? The R&B singer from the 90s. I heard she is about to make a comeback. SWV is still in the studio working on a new album. Donnell Jones is even prepping for a comeback.

General Larry Platt from American Idol Pant on the ground just may be putting the song out officially. Lol

I heard Chris Brown cries a lot these days because his career just aint what it use to be. He isn't in demand much since the fiasco I call Rihanna.

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