Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce's 2nd Spill, Keyshia Cole Goes Whitney, David Banner Spazzes!


David Banner on the “Black Leadership,” where he goes in!

David Banner to AllHipHop.com “Some of these other "leaders," these old, Black people who ain't standing for their people, their standing for whoever endorses them. They don't stand up for their children because they don't want to lose their contributions or their endorsement money. You Black and you're helping to crucify your children but you won't stand up when Bush is f**king up America. It's easy to crucify a young, Black man because no one stands up for us. Oprah too. She acts like she ain't even a n***a no more. Tell her put me on her show. I’ll slap the f**k out of Jesse Jackson’s son. I can’t lay hands on Jesse Jackson because I believe in respecting my elders, but I’ll f**k Jesse Jackson’s son up.”

Read the whole interview here!

Pras offers some colorful quotes on the likelihood of the Fugees getting back together!

"Before I work with Lauryn Hill again, you will have a better chance of seeing Osama Bin Laden and [George W.] Bush in Starbucks having a latte, discussing foreign policies, before there will be a Fugees reunion," Pras told AllHipHop.com. "At this point I really think it will take an act of God to change her, because she is that far out there."

Read the whole interview here!


Eh, Jim Jones To G-Unit?

Okay, so…I don't see there being any truth to this rumor, but this is what I heard so I'm going to report it. People are saying that Jim Jones may be signing with G-Unit. First Joe Budden now Jim Jones; I don't know but this seems so far fetched to me. Still, I do believe that Jim and 50 have been so cordial, I could see them sitting down for tea. We’ll see!

Kanye Is Cheap To The Skrippers?

The other day Ryan told you about how Andre three stacks would not make it rain in the strip club. Well maybe he has started a trend. Looks like Kanye did the same thing at a strip club in London. When did tipping go out of style? And of course the strippers were mad, but we don’t know if this is true. If rappers keep this up, strippers will have to get day jobs.


NBA player, Eddie Griffin, from Philly passed away from a fatal car crash. My prayers and condolences go out to his friends and family.

"Asia's Signs the World is Coming to an End"

An Australian dude by the name of Stewart spent 15 years of his life from 1983 to 1988 typing all the numbers from 1 to 1 million in letters, simply because he "wanted something to do." Weird!

Some dudes in Japan were arm wrestling against an arcade game with an artificial arm and ended up breaking their arm. LOL…now they will have to wear an artificial arm.

Asia's Shout outs! SHOUT OUT TO FRESH 2 DEF (love the wrap up) AND ALL MY PEOPLE AT WILD 106.3 DOWN IN DA 'SIP!!!!!


Y’all remember Sprewell, right? He played for the Minnesota Timberwolves and choked his coach when he played for the Golden State Warriors! Well, the rumor is dude is broke. The bank foreclosed on his $1.5 million dollar yacht! Maybe he just wasn’t paying!?

50 Cent popped up on the Scream Tour in Boston too. He also performed with Ciara in addition to a pair of songs, including “I Get Money.”

Also, they say that Smitty might be going to G-Unit as well. That’s crazy, but not too far-fetched. I heard that Smitty is very unhappy with his current recording situation at J Records.


Remy isn't letting attempted murder charges steal her shine! Check her out right here! Shout out to Crunk-N-Disorderly for the pic!


Since we are on 50 Cent rumors - What will Lil Wayne Say To 50 On "Gossip"?

We already know that Lil Wayne is prepping his diss track "Gossip" which is aimed at 50 Cent, but what will he say? Well, our boy Leon M. is getting word from people that have already heard it and are saying that Lil Wayne's diss is scathing, although he refrains from mentioning 50's name at all. Here are some key moments from the track.

- Mentions that he had sex with Ciara before 50 (but didn’t 50 Cent deny anything?)

- Promises that Carter 3 will sell more than Curtis (do tell!?)

- Calls him a snitch and bigs up Supreme (Interesting angle!)

- Calls out Tony Yayo's street credibility (Word?)

- Says that 50 is jealous of his success and that His buzz is bigger than 50's (Word to mtv)

- Accuses 50 of steroid use (No comment)

It is going to be pretty hard to “ether” 50 Cent, but this is going to be interesting and that’s a fact.

More on 50 Cent & Joe Budden

There is growing speculation that 50 Cent is interested in signing Joe Budden to G-Unit. Well, that rumor has been slightly amended, from what I was sent. I heard 50 Cent doesn’t want to sign Joe – just help him get out of his deal with Def Jam. Is that some sort of Hip-Hop philanthropy? Some say it would most closely resemble how he’s lent a hand in the new Freeway album.

Here is a 50 Cent rumor rundown:

-50 Cent is going to release a G-Unit album before Christmas, and then follow up with solo CDs from Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks

- 50 will quickly return with his final solo album on Interscope, "Before I self Destruct"

- There is a rumor that Dr. Dre and 50 Cent disagreed on the Spider Loc project and there for they no longer work together.

- We’ll end the rumors there, because we have to spread these 50 rumors out!

Mary J. Blige is NOT Preggers!

I have to admit…I was hoping that Mary was preggers! You know, she has gone through just about every stage in life and that’s the final chapter, so to speak. Well, just so you know…she’s not! Bad rumor, bad rumor!

Beyonce has a different spill - shows her GOODIES!

Beyonce was in Toronto showing off her new clothing line, House of Deron. Well, we heard she showed off a bit more during a spirited dance that she did at a fashion show. I heard her breasteses popped out for hundreds of people to see! Now, I don’t know if there is youtube of this, but I’ll take it over her falling any day!

Big Tigger Speaks!

So, we didn’t mention Tigger’s name with regard to Superhead, but he issued a statement anyway. Seems like a lot of people heard the mess on Jamie Foxxx’s radio show.

Tigger told AllHipHop.com, “I have never been involved in any homosexual activity ever. Period."

We side with Tigger and furthermore, want him to come back to “Rap City.”

Keyshia Cole is doing a Whitney Houston!

Check out the rumor I got that isn’t a rumor:

Award-winning R&B singer-songwriter KEYSHIA COLE will be joined by Ft.

Wayne, Indiana's VOICES OF UNITY YOUTH CHOIR in singing the National Anthem to kick off the 2007 NFL season. Indiana legend JOHN MELLENCAMP will celebrate his Super Bowl XLI champion Indianapolis Colts with a live performance.

I think I’m going to drop a lil’ gem of a rumor that I heard a while back about Key Key and Jeezy. I heard that they got engaged to be married. True? Who knows! One thing is for sure, I can’t wait for her new album to drop – engaged or not.


Illseed should love this one. Free was recently in NYC and took pictures at the Swizz Beatz album release party. Free was seen in a picture with Stephen Hill, who she once clashed with at BET. Also, she was taking flicks with Sylvia Rhone who personally signed Free! All that and the radio job in Chicago? Free is back on top of the world!


Germane Propane sent this video of ODB and Rza at a talent show.


Ya Boy does his version of the “Crank That Soulja Boy”



We thought that Raz-B was going to release those rap hounds on his old boy Lil’ Fizz. Well, no he decided to take a trip up top to the high road and made many of us fee like lil’ babies. LOL. Check out this statement he has issued. We didn’t edit it in any way.

Let me put something out on the table right now. Here is my official response to all these gay rumors going around about myself.

1. Yes I heard the radio interview Fizz did.

2. No I am not upset with him and we do not have beef.


Now, a lot of people seem to believe I am gay. Well I am here to say IT'S NOT TRUE. I have expressed that many many times and frankly if some people can not understand that and still want to be ignorant about the subject matter then so be it. As I said before in

a magazine interview and excuse my language, but I love p***y..I love the female body and I just have love for women in general.

I have nothing against the gay community, yes I support them. Why discriminate against someone due to their sexual orientation? I'm not close minded and I'm not stuck in a primitive decade. They have feelings to because they are human just like a hetrosexual male or female. Who is anyone to judge just because others discriminate against it? In a way that's no different than being a racist. I said in a way..I didn't say it was exactly the same, so don't send me messages saying "it's not the same thing" if u disagree.

I have love for everyone even if they do hate my guts. The Bible says "Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. (Matthew 5:38-44) " In my case it's all love and I do my best to look the other way.

Aside from that, people feel that I am gay because I have performed at the gay pride festival a couple of years ago. Well ya know what, that community is an audience like any other people. Why deprive them of a performance because of their sexual orientation? I am not the only musician who has performed for that group of people. Musicians who are on a bigger status have performed there, so why pinpoint me out and make me out to be the black sheep?

Lets also get another thing straight, I never performed at a gay club. I made an APPEARANCE at one club, which means I signed autographs. Again, I'm not going to not fullfill my commitment to a group of people who were willing to come out to visit with me just because of their sexual perference. Also just because I did the whole mohawk thing, doesn't mean anything either. I was trying a different look and it

certainly grab attention, which was my intention, but who knew it would grab so much negativity.

And last but certainly not least, JUST BECAUSE I DID NOAH'S ARC DOES NOT MAKE ME GAY. I did it for the purpose behind the meaning of that particular episode which touched on HIV. Nothing more, nothing less other than receiving a pay check for it. Do you know how many straight male actors have played gay roles?

The Rock, Will Smith, The male actors on Will and Grace, Taye Diggs, Robin Williams, Russell Crowe, Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Marlon Brando, Forest Whitaker, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The list goes on, so therefore if they can act in such roles and continue on in life without the world wondering about their sexuality, then why can't I? If I didn't feel comfortable with the role then I wouldn't have taken it. It's called acting, that doesn't mean I live that lifestyle.

So please hear me and understand me, I am in no way shape or form a gay male. I have nothing against that community. But I would appreciate it if people would stop with the false accusations. If you just asked me the question in recent times, this is not against you, I'm pointing this out for other purposes.

Indeed I do realize majority of the public could careless in what I say and believe what they want, but overall it doesn't matter because myself, my family and my friends know the real me.

If you seem to have an issue with what I stated, then I don't know what to tell you, but God Bless.

 Tell us how you really feel!

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The last word - FREE FOXY!!!!!


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