Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce's Preg? 50 Cent Gets Back With Viv? Country Stars Diss Kanye!

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content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.BEYONCE’S PREGNANT?????

I have been told that this is a masterpiece of a rumor. Remember yesterday we said Jay-Z had an urgent matter with Beyonce? Well, a lot of people speculated that it was drama! I have been informed that the rumor has a much brighter side. Sources inside Beyonce’s camp are saying that BEYONCE IS PREGNANT! Now, this remains a big MIGHT, but I’m hearing B is “missing something” if you catch the drift. Don’t want to give you all a TMI moment. But this is supposedly the reason why Jay has been far more attentive. You know Jay wants that kid! B isn’t quite as hype off of kids from what I gathered in the media reports, but I am sure she recognizes a blessing when she feels it! OK, shut up illseed. If it matters, the source says this rumor is “golden.”


Ztothee is officially the first member of “Seed Unit,” my crew of eyes and ears across the world! Wanna be in Seed Unit, email me! Nevertheless, Z was out in his respective hood of Houston and had the chance to interview 50 Cent….well interview is a bit much. He got to chat with 50 Cent for a few. He told 50 Cent how much he liked the BISD movie (which I heard was good too). Anyway, he asked 50 Cent if Beanie would do better with G-Unit than Roc-A-Fella and 50 said something like, “Of course, because there is more promotion (at G-Unit). He also said that he was not causing beef with Jay-Z on purpose. He said he’s tired of watching Jay try to be something he’s not. SEED-UNIT!

Check out Z’s music: Www.myspace.com/ppmprecords

Here are some other things he heard.

-That 50 things Drake reminds him of Ja Rule a bit, but Ja sounds much worse in his opinion. I don’t think he was dissing Drake though.

50 Cent also said that Triple C’s wanted to be on G-Unit at first but failed.

50 reportedly joked about leaking Fat Joe’s album on his site, but I dnt think that was true. When I DL’d it, it was a bunch of G-Unit songs.

50 Cent reportedly named his pet dog “Oprah.” OH MAN….

50 Cent didn’t answer questions pertaining to Ciara or Kelly Rowland. HE pulled a page out of SoulJa Boy’s book.

50 Cent joked that Vivica Fox was in his next video, but its actually Tahiry, Joe Budden’s ex-girl. 50 didn't seem to be kidding so.....

All that I just wrote, here is a partial video:

That one dude just laughed a lil too hard. “OHHHHH FIF, YOU’RE TOO FUNNNY!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH, HAHAHA, FIF!!!!!”


If you don’t read yesterdays rumors, because this goes straight from that. I talked to somebody that worked where they shot the video and they told me the rumor yesterday was dead on true. They said, “That was a crazy night. No one was shot, but beat up bodies were found EVERYWHERE; behind the local Trader Joe's etc..” The source said this may have caused some issues for Suge later down the line, but his mark was left that night! 


I can appreciate how Cam’ron is living. He seems to be enjoying life and chilling. One of my readers owns a store in Florida and saw Cam last night. This was in Orlando and Killa came through and bought a box of Palma Dutch Master's (he wanted the regular cognac ones, but they only had the cigarillos in cognac). Anyway, after speaking to one of his regular customers about it, he informed my reader that Cam's mother lives in Kissimmee and that Cam probably lives down in FL. He said Cam was real cool and drove off. I wish I could live that life…the life of Cam.

Cam should give Katt a call.


Recently Robin Thicke caught up with Philly Radio Host Kendra G and talked baby names for his first child with his wife Paula Patton, how it was Jay-Z's idea that he do a song with Nicki Minaj and beef with John Mayer! Check out the interview to get all that and more!


Gucci is addressing his relationship with Young Jeezy, T.I. and even T.I.’s Tiny.

Hereh e talks to Miss Info and semi asked Jeezy to let bygones be bygones.



I’m telling you all…there is a conspiracy! Check out this first hand account about Wale:


This is in response the distro problem Wale is having. Tuesday I go into the Best Buy in Woodbridge, VA, with the impression that they would have tons on hand since this is the DMV. This the same Best Buy that I bought my Slaughterhouse CD at. When I bought the SH I had to ask for it because it was not on the shelves but the website said they had in stock. While in the store on Tuesday, I saw 3 other people ask for Wale and I didn't even have to ask myself, they were sold out. I came home to see what stores had and the only thing they had on the website was the vinyl (as of Tuesday). I just checked Thursday night and every Best Buy in my area has it in stock!! Interscope needs to step their game up!!


They need some laws to protect people from these paps. They are going to keep getting beat up!


Shout out to Tehran from DC!

Gucci Mane in Jail for a year…fail!

I can’t lie. I didn’t listen to this song, but its Jacki-O dissing Fat Joe, Khaled and Lola Luv. But the song is a dedication to Remy MA. Click here to hear it.

For anybody asking, I have Manny Pacquiao winning the fight with Miguel Cotto.

Michael Jackson reportedly wanted to clone himself. MJ reportedly underwent several three dimensional scans in 1996 so a virtual reality ‘robotic’ twin could be produced.


Check out this story from the AP:

LOS ANGELES -- A woman under police protection was fatally stabbed while officers were just steps away in the Mid-City section of Los Angeles.

It happened inside a second-story apartment on Cochran Street near Pico Boulevard just before midnight, according to Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Rick McClure.

A man whom police already knew about climbed into the woman's apartment while two officers sat in a patrol car outside, investigators said.

The officers had taken the woman back to her apartment after she filed a domestic violence report.

The officers were filling out a crime report when someone ran up to their patrol car and said a woman was being stabbed, Police spokesman Bruce Borihanh said.

The officers ran into the apartment, saw the man attacking the woman and shot him, Borihanh said.

The suspect and the woman were taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where they were pronounced dead, officials said. Their identities have not been released.

It's believed the man reached the second-floor apartment from the roof, then climbed in a bathroom window, Detective Gus Villanueva said.

The two were said to have been romantically involved in the past.


So, peep it yall. As I can see it, the Kanye West thingy with Taylor Swift is OVER and has been over for a minute. Kanye has been laying low and has apologized. Dude even admitted the reasons for his behavior. The source was HIS MOTHER DYING and his inability to mourn. Now, look a what these country music idiots go do? Disrespect Kanye on levels that I would fight for him over. As much as I didn’t like what Kanye did, he’s Hip-Hop “family” and these schmucks are nothing to me.

Get the hell outta here, you bums!


Rappers are just going with the plan. They need to watch the news and if they did, they wouldn’t be so able to be pawns! Right, Jasiri? Check out the vid!


Look at this dude…he’s a a damn soccer game and he’s brushing his teeth!

Sup to Dave 'Wesey' Westcott of Ace City Entertainment!

CHANCE ENCOUNTERS!Check out Chance's rumors! This is not illseed....this is Chance!!!!KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS DUDE

I told you yesterday that Shaq's wife filed for divorce and moved back to LA with the kids

after details about Shaq's affair with Gilbert Arenas' fiance hit the

net; and now details about a whole 'nother family Shaq has on the side

are coming out. Word is he's housing a former stripper and her one

year old son in Ohio. He's been living with them for a while in

Cleveland and he's been able to get away with it since his soon to be

ex-wife stayed in Miami with the kids when Shaq became a Cavalier. 

Word is the baby may even be his, since about a year ago there were

rumors that he was cheating with said stripper.

P.S. Shaunie

moved back to LA before filing for divorce because California is pretty

much 50/50 with divorces. Smart move on her part.GOING OFF

Everybody is waiting for that 50 Cent and Beanie Sigel track "I Go Off", well here it is. At first it doesn't sound like a Jay-Z diss from Beans, but then then 50 Cent gets on the mic and that idea goes to squat! Hear it:

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Everyone was saying Kanye dropped Amber when he took his break from the spotlight but it doesn't look like thats the case. They were spotted on a date last night at The Vatican in Italy, holding hands and looking pretty coupleish. This is one of the first pictures I've seen of 'Ye in a long time ... it's like spotting bigfoot:


YES!!! Everyone who is talking negative about Twitter and Facebook yoou might want to get one to stay out of jail. This guy was arrested for mugging somebody but got the charges dropped because an update he posted to Facebook saying "Where's my pancakes" at the time of the robbery proved he was on the computer and not in somebody elses pockets. This is the first time a judge has accepted a status update as an alibi.


I think Omarion is a cool dude but I just can't rock with him on this statement. Dude said he doesn't like girls who like girls because they lack "class". He even comes out and names Amber Rose as one of those "classless" hoes. SMH...If you saw the pictures I posted yesterday you wouldn't agree either.


So when you book an artist for a show they send a document known as a rider. The rider lists all the artists demands and what the promoter needs to do to make them feel comfortable. Well Rihanna's rider hit the net yesterday and I'd say it looks pretty standard but she does have some interesting demands like "boiled eggs, turkey bacon and turkey sausage" on deck ANYTIME during the day...just in case. Click here to read the rest of her demands.

Here's a preview of her new video:


Chris Brown will catch up with Rocsi tonight on 106 & Park (taped yesterday). He's still taking the humble route and not trying to show Rihanna in a negative light which I salute him for. I'm sure nobody believes she wasn't an active participant that night until he took it too far; so I don't really need either of them to confirm that...I've seen it happen too many times


Even if you hate when people tell you that. Boosie is preparing to go in and he's a little upset claiming he's not getting a fair deal seeing as this is his first offense. He says Jesse Jackson should jump on the cause and do what he does. But it looks like Boosie is going to have a lot of opportunities when he gets out. He's already being offered bundles of cash for the first Saturday he is released. How does he plan to pass the 4 years?? He says he's "...just gonna be in there chilling, looking at pictures, beating [his] d**k to bad bitches."


My Crack Distributors team and I hosted a listening party for Rakim's new album yesterday...GET THE ALBUM WHEN IT DROPS...it's dope...Rakim even cosigned Maino, whose on the album, calling him "the truth".

Amy Winehouse is thinking about getting some butt implants after her breast implants came out so well...looks like she's trying to change up her crackhead-chic look.

Remember when I told you Joe Jackson was trying to get his hands on some of MJ's money ... the judge says it's not gonna happen.

Fergie credits Kanye West for making Hip-Hop more "gay-friendly" ... especially the way folks are dressing.

I'm hearing Jay-Z cancelling those tour dates to be with Jay-Z are more about him making sure she's not creeping than getting some QT in...rumor is she's getting it in with one of her staff members.

Illseed posted pics of Tahiry and 50 Cent the other day with the caption "So did he?"...well I hear he did...thats gotta hurt Joey.

I didn't even know T-Boz had "The Swine Flu"...her and her daughter got the flu and she got the Swine strand ... she's good now though.

Baloon boys parents are going to plead guilty tommorow and the prosecutor has reccomended proobabtion...can someone get those kids away from them too???

Sammy Sosa was claiming his skin whitening was the result of some medicl treatment but he's admitted he used a bleaching cream before he goes to sleep to "soften" his skin.

Kim Kardashians little sister (14) has some "sexy-styled" pictures on the net ... looks like she's following in big sis's footsteps.

Drake says he's not a good freestyler and thats why he had his blackberry out at Flex...I dont get caught up in wether it's off the top cuz most people who take pride in "freestyling" suck...I just want to hear some hot s**t I dont care how long or fast it takes you to come up with it.

Wale says he loves Solange.


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