Hip-Hop Rumors: Big Daddy Kane Cries? Krs-One Disses Kanye? Paul Wall Visits Soldiers!


Lookie here, y’all. Big Daddy Kane IS the blueprint of so many rappers, I don’t even need to start the list. Being a legend is a full-time job and BDK clocks in with the Hip-Hop Honors tour, along with Skillz, The Roots and MC Lyte. Now, I didn’t know this, but the concept of the tour is The Roots and company perform old school Hip-Hop songs to the glee of the crowd. Anyway, the crew had a date in Philly last night and I heard after the Big Daddy Kane set – it was so dope – the crowd started screaming, “We’re not worthy.” I heard that they said it so much that Kane got emotional and dropped a tear or two from all the love the crowd gave him. From what I heard, after the crowd said, “We’re not worthy” for three minutes straight, Kane spoke.

He said to them (something like this), “All I ever wanted to be was considered one of the best and be respected by my peers in the 80’s. Never in my life, did I think that 22 years later y’all would show me that same love. There are kids here that weren’t even born then and know my lyrics word for word.” I heard Kane apologized for getting emotional and said “This is all an MC can really ask for and this means a lot.”

DAMN! I wish I was there!!!! Anyway, heard Malik B, Beanie Sigel and Peedi Crakk were on hand at this Philly spot. Sounds like a classic, legendary night.


Ok, Jennifer Lopez has been telling people that she’s NOT pregnant, but it is so clear that she is, Stevie Wonder could see it. I could be wrong, but I don’t think she confirmed this news yet. She performed Wednesday night and fell or had near fall and everybody was scared for the baby! She never stopped singing at the Mohegun Sun in Conn. Anyway, she was showing off her tummy so there is no doubt that she’s got a belly full of baby – or two. They have been saying its twins in there, to come out in the spring.


Here is some more backstage chatter we heard went on at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, which airs on Monday!

Hip-Hop royalty, and a gang of their groupies/entourages were in effect and getting their schmooze on. My spies managed to sneak in and they saw cats like Skillz, Ice T and his CoCo, Grandmaster Caz, Grandmaster Melle Mel and his muscles, The read of the Furious Five, Caz, KRS-One, Tony Touch, Jazzy Joyce was on the wheels of steel. Kool Keith, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Crazy Legs, Keenan and his red sunglasses, Johnny Nunez, Serius Jones, Duo Live, Busta Rhymes, Spliff Starr, Atlantic Records’ Craig Kallman, Swizz Beatz, Chuck D and Questlove of the Roots.

One star – who shall remain nameless said, "Kenan Thompson IS Biggie Smalls” at the comic and his look.

I heard KRS-One dissed Kanye West and said that the Chi-Town rapper IS NOT Hip-Hop! I also heard he totally bigged up 50 Cent. Whoa…more on this later.

Lupe Fiasco flubbed up his lyrics in the Tribe Called Quest Dedication. I don’t know, but maybe it will be fixed in the edit room like when that check spit on New York.

During the Snoop dedication, Ice-T did well, but got off beat from time to time. Coco more than made up for it.

I said this earlier in the day, but I cannot believe they made Kool Moe Dee change his line.

Word was Kanye was in the building and it was rumored that he would do an impromptu performance during the Tribe set. He didn't.

TWEET! She was there! Looking good.

No Guy reunion? I heard the whole VIP crowd was looking forward to that, but got T-Pain and Ne-Yo instead.


Wussup, illseed?

Paul Wall came to the Fort Lewis Post Exchange and was signing autographs for the Soldiers and families. I was able to see him in the manager's office and he posed for a picture with me.

I'm from Jacksonville, Florida!!! I've been in the Army for 2 1/2 years and I am currently stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington.

'Preciate it,

PFC McMillan, Amie, J.

Here is the pic:


I’m not going to lie, I used to think that AIDS/HIV was a sign of the end of the world for humankind. I still have my opinions, but Mr. Magic Johnson has changed a lot of views. Redirect your attention to South Beach nightclub promoter Elidor Kersaint, a mere 22 years old. He has been jailed for having sex with women and knowingly spreading the HIV virus. This dude has been spreading his own little seeds even though he had the monster. Now, he has been in jail since June and faces no less than five years in jail if convicted. Shouldn’t he get life? I mean, he’s basically ruined the lives of all these women. He’s had the AIDS virus his entire life after getting it from his mother. This dude really got around. See some of the pictures listed on his myspace page.

Jadakiss and the alleged HIV-giver-on-purpose.

What is on Wayne's mind?

Mean mugging with Timbo!

YUCK! Get some Proactiv!

Looks like somebody is going to have some major problems for the rest of his young life. This chick below seems to have some ideas.


Lets end the week off with some nice videos! The show with Teddy Riley was dope at Hip-Hop Honors - NO DOUBT! But, there was a longing to see Guy live and in color. This is what BET of TV ONE needs to make happen! They were so dope and still are!

Guy – “Groove Me”

Guy – "Lets Chill"


Everybody knows I am not a big fan of R. Kelly, but this is really weird and crazy. Real talk. Is this dude crazy? Real talk. This song is totally unnecessary. Real talk. (Warning: explicit R&B thug talk.)


This is an oldie, but definitely a goodie. (Shout out to George!)


SMH at this video. "Crank dat wheelchair?" The kids of today…I don’t know what to make of ‘em…kinda funny though…albeit disrespectful.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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